Wednesday, February 08, 2006

more on TN snow man

I just talked to a friend who reminded me of another attribute of the TN snow man. He sits alone on a green and brown lawn sadly bereft of snow. In some climates, snow men are fairly easily built. Here however, if we've taken the time, made the effort to build the best snow man we can, we find that we've used up our allotment of snow.

and now . . .

It's actually both snowing and sticking. The street in front of the house is fine so far, but if it get's cold enough it could be pretty icey in the morning. And not going to the grocery store tonight like we were supposed to means we really have to get up tomorrow morning. I may just go by myself when Momma gets in from work.
It's supposed to be sunny again tomorrow meaning the snow will look nice tonight and be mostly gone in the morning. We'll see.
We seem to get one decent snow per winter. It's just enough to roll up a dirty little TN snow man with leaves sticking to him, about half the size of those you might see on television in that perfect winter. Most of the snow is melted within a day or two. But there are always those lingering patches that you realize just don't ever get sunlight. There's plenty of places like that around here.
I know there are plenty of places that get real snowfall, and I've even seen pictures of those places. But I really don't care. One decent one a year is plenty for me. Just one day to watch the snow through the window, one day to watch it flying at the windshield and I'm done. I appreciate it and am glad to see it for a time.
Now the weird part? Between this end of the house and the property line is our driveway which runs perpindicular to the house. The bit of driveway directly beside the house is the only part of the driveway on which the snow is collecting.
Here's another link, not nearly as funny as the last two however, NOAA, my weather source. I have it bookmarked to go directly to our zip code. It beats having to see the local goofball weather guy.

rap jay y bob el silencio

Maybe you have to be a fan of the movie, maybe not. For all the random Spanish I might know, it's really not speakable Spanish so much as restaurant lingo. The hard part for me here is trying to remember the original bit that Jay says. So here are both. They do say the F word a lot (seriously, a lot) and a few other choice things. If you don't like it, I'd suggest you not click either link. Is it just as offensive en Espanol even if, though you don't understand, you know what they are saying? I kind of hope so!
So, rapping courtesy of Jay, I present

Jay and Silent Bob

Jay y Bob el Silencio