Saturday, November 25, 2006

oh please

Someone please tell me it's not just me. Tell me I'm not being some moralistic freak. Tell me that this as an image of babyhood really is fucked up and that I'm not some kind of weird prude. I'm a pretty open minded guy, by which I mean that I believe in equality of race and gender and sexual orientation. I can't accept that this is a good message for our girls, especially given the destructiveness of so much that girls have to face.

pot: the good, the bad and the . . .wha?

Another hat tip to a Science Blogger, this time Coturnix of A Blog Around the Clock. He's provided an interesting link to a piece in World Science telling us that pot may be both good for us and bad for us.

Interestingly or not, the good that is mentioned in favor of pot is not really mentioned so much in favor of pot, and the bad is thrown in to try and distance themselves from being labeled pro-pot. It's not a surprising stance really. Most people who are willing to admit that pot has benefits seem to feel it necessary to offer the disclaimer that pot is actually bad for you, which is just not true.

I've mentioned here before that many people have studied pot and found numerous health benefits. As with anything, one should not too lightly discount possible harm, but the more I've looked into pot, the less this supposed harms seems to actually exist. The only study I've seen to prove any actual harm was shown to prove that the harm came only after one had ingested much more than is actually possible. In this same way, eating hundreds of pounds of potatoes can prove toxic if one were to eat these hundred pounds in one sitting.

Read the article for yourself. I find it interesting that the danger in pot use, according to the article, comes from not using enough pot. Basically, if you do use pot, you'd actually have to use less than anyone normally would for it to be bad for you, and even this minor bad is so minor as to be added, as I mentioned, to get the G rating.

I wonder why this isn't bigger news? Coturnix certainly writes an interesting blog for the most part, and I'm certain he gets thousands more hits than I do, but he isn't exactly the main stream media. Where are they on this story? I guess they've totally given up on real news and governmental lies, and like everyone else, if they were to be honest about marijuana they would immediately be labeled as pro drug and anti child or even worse, it would be suggested that the terrorists will win when we gain the right to use a particular plant as adults in an adult fashion.

Pot does have real and proven benefits that grossly outweigh the suggested negatives. On top of this are real issues of control over oneself and the right to choose what is right for oneself. To make this entire issue even more glaringly in need of real attention is the fact that the war on drugs is a gross theft of freedom and money. The freedoms stolen include the lives ruined by the police and the criminal justice system and the jail system. The money theft happens when more and more of our tax dollars go to police systems to prop up this failure and lie that is the war on drugs, more aptly named a war on people.

my wife can kick your wife's . . . shut yo mouth

Sunday was quite a day. I spent my sporting part wet and freezing and in pain from an elbow that may or may not have cracked a rib. It still hurts like hell and has been making sleep nearly impossible. It's a tad worrisome, but it only slightly effects my ability to be useful.

Momma's sporting part was insanely exciting. Her team won their roller derby match by one point. If their jammer could have gotten through the pack on the final jam, the Machine Gun Kellys would be going to the championship bout. I can't fault the jammer at all. She played one hell of a game, but the opposing team just wouldn't let her through on that last jam, and I know she was busting her ass to get through. It's indicative of how seemingly minor things can change so many other possibilities. All the girls are to be commended for an exremely exciting and hard fought bout.

As you've noticed, I've included a series of pictures. Go here for more if you are so inclined, but know that, as good as these pictures are, they just can not do justice to the work these girls put in, the speed, the hits, the sheer ecstasy and agony of true sport. Yes, that is my lovely wife with the skull face, and yes she does grow tiny in the distance as blockers attack, wanting so badly to stop her, yet failing so often.

I'll post soon about the Hard Knox Rollergirls next match which will be in December, but most people that show up here are not in or around east Tennessee. I can guarantee that most of you, with a quick google or two, can find a derby league near you. Try looking at the Women's National Flat Track Derby Association site for a start. Find a league near you, and go and support these girls. There are leagues popping up all over the world, and they are all busting their asses in a number of ways. Seriously, go find a derby match, because girls kick ass, and tough girls on quad skates kick lots of ass, though probably not as much as our Hard Knox girls.