Thursday, November 02, 2006

'nother quickie

From the classifieds in the most recent edition of our local alternative newsweekly comes this proof that we should all proofread and run spell check. The ad is for a finance company seeking a secretary/assistant. Among the requirements is "basic offive skills." I want to blame the finance company as I tend to like those employees of the newspaper that I've met, but . . .

another silly quote

Even I laughed at myself when I built this alien cross genetic DNA analyzer, but I guess I showed me.

-Proffesor Hubert Farnsworth, Futurama

thinking about thinking

I've sucked at posting lately, and I fully intend to remedy that. I have a whole pile of ideas that I've planned on thinking about writing about. I've also gone a few days without posting before the last couple of days in which I've been a bit more diligent.

Sunday night saw a very exciting derby match. I also played soccer that day, and I'm happy to say that we've won two games in a row. Big Brother's season should have been over this past Saturday, but we have a final make up game this week. As much as I love coaching his teams, I'm always happy when the season is over. I've gotten sucked into the reality cooking show on Bravo, having almost completely ignored it in the past. I actually got into the end of the last season based on the characters/chefs.

Right now I'm sort of watching Ultimate Fighter 4. The Boy is in pajamas and has just asked for cake, which he'll probably get, though my original plan was to have him in bed by now while we read some Winnie the Pooh. After that is probably some co-op Lego Star Wars with Big Brother while I wait long enough to be sure that The Boy is asleep and then run Big Brother off to bed. Momma is at work and is closing tonight, though the restaurant closes at midnight tonight meaning that this isn't a really late night.

There's a rundown of possible topics for me. That doesn't even delve into the mindless drivel I call political discourse. Okay, I don't really call it that, because even in my mind I know better than giving myself that kind of credit. I can come up with other stuff too, entirely new topics that I've yet to cover. So until then . . .