Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the coal comercial I hate

I've been seeing a new coal commercial lately, and I get just a little more pissed off each time I see it. The first time was bad enough, as I stared gaping at the television at the audacity of the people behind it, and I considered then that I was going to have to write something about this. According to the commercial, the US has 250 years worth of coal. WOW, suddenly oil isn't that big a concern. We have plenty of coal, and we are working daily to make it cleaner. Okay, so you can make coal burn a little cleaner, which isn't really saying much. What's a little cleaner than filth? But what about getting it out of the ground? Have you ever seen what a mountain looks like when you blow it up to get at the coal underneath? We can't make mountains, but we can sure as fuck send them straight to hell.