Tuesday, December 21, 2010

no, seriously

For full context go HERE and watch the video of Alex Nicholson (homosexual) who was booted from the military because of being homosexual and DADT versus Peter Sprigg, professional sayer of lies about homosexuals.  It's some CNN show where the host doesn't take sides but instead introduces some sort of information and follows with a question.  Hat tip for this nugget to Towleroad.

Peter Sprigg says the most outrageous things about homosexuals, and Alex Nicholson answers his questions with reasoned responses.  They aren't asked the same questions, and it's arugable that the CNN guy chose questions for Peter Sprigg to point out the folly of his ways, but then he mostly sits back and lets the loony go.

When I first watched the clip I found myself getting irritated as Peter Sprigg was allowed to talk uncontested.  Thinking about it now I wonder if that wasn't part of the plan from the beginning.  The only way to fight these people is to let the world know exactly what it is they are suggesting that America do to its sons and daughters.

Also when first watching the clip I found myself doing this thing that I sometimes do that sometimes annoys the people around me.  I correct people's language.  I don't just do it about homosexual sometimes.  But I do because I do think it's helpful overall to worry about our words.  I had a discussion recently with a coworker in which he mentioned that he'd stopped using gay as a pejorative because of me calling him on it.  I know other people who at least don't do it around me anymore, and I hope they've stopped doing so in general.
There needs to be that voice, saying things like, "Is the knife really gay or is it that you need to sharpen it so that it works right?  I don't think knives have the ability to be gay or not gay."  fwiw, I work in a kitchen, so knives are a huge part of my day. 

When I hear "same sex marriage" I want to just loudly enough say, "marriage equality."   When Peter Sprigg tries to say "sexual assault, molestation," I just want to ask for proof and for stats for both same gender and opposite gender sexual assaults.  When I hear "preference" I say "orientation."  Sometimes it's almost involuntary, but I'm also kind of an ass apparently.

And whenever Peter Sprigg opens his lying mouth at a camera that is in the on position there needs to be the counter point.  There needs to be someone else on camera saying to him, "No, seriously.  How does the presence of out homos make it more likely that you will lose a leg in combat?" at which point I'd follow up with, "and does my presence here today next to you increase the odds that you will lose at leg during this interview?" and that would possibly end my career as the voice.

And you know, it's not that I really want to control people's language.  What I really want is for us all to think about our words.  Peter Sprigg flat out lies.  He makes words do bad things, and he never really comes out and says what he means.  He hits around the whole more than a suck up playing golf with the boss.  fwiw, the "w" in "whole" is accidental.  I mean to put "hole" but then I liked the way it sorta worked.  Let's pretend I did it on purpose.

p.s., homosexuals on CNN should never say, "That's a good question," when in fact it really isn't that good a question.