Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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This just has to be seen and spread far and wide, so I am doing my part. It's a great song and a great video. I first saw it PZ Myers Science Blog.

Hard Knox Rollergirls debut

Perhaps I should have posted this already. It's a three day old post that I sat on because I wanted pictures. I know that soon enough I'll be able to snag a couple, but I can't find anything at the moment.

Sunday night was the hometown debut of the Hard Knox Rollergirls featuring the Machine Gun Kellys, Momma's team, versus the Black Bettys. Many of the girls actually debuted their skills in Birmingham, but this was the first chance most people in our town had to see real derby action, live and in person.

The league has three different teams with the Lolitas Locas finishing up the trio. I didn't like this name at first and had to assume that most of these people were not familiar with Nabokov until Momma explained to me that it's some sort of Japanese fashion. None of that is the point however other than to mention that there were some Lolitas skating with both teams. Due to the ebb and flow of membership and participation in the league, some Lolitas were asked to skate as honorary Kellys or Bettys in order to round out those teams' rosters.

There were some problem areas that I'm sure will be fixed next time. The teams had intro music that was supposed to play as they were introduced, and I didn't hear either team's song. The announcer, in my opinion, needs a bit of practice, and I was ready to be unhappy with his performance until I considered that he'd likely never done anything like this. Add a crowd estimated at between 200 and 300 unfamiliar faces, and I changed my mind. He actually did well, all things considered.

And then came the derby. All the work, the sweat, the bruises, the falls, I really don't know how to put into words what I've seen over the months of work the league has put into preparing for finally bouting. This day seemed some times like it would never come, and when we finally got a date, it almost seemed too soon. And it all culminated in this grand spectacle Sunday night.

I'm again almost at a loss for words. The girls started slow, the first period almost wanting for excitement. As in many sports though, the first period is often like this, feeling out, warming up. The heat didn't take long to show up though, and by the second period, the battle was going strong.

Momma was on fire! She made some amazing runs through the pack, upsetting blockers and pivots who scrambled to catch her with even a bit of shoulder. She certainly ran into her share of shoulders. The Bettys were not going to be displaced too easily, and they knew to keep an eye on her, which they did as well as they could. Momma is also sporting the worst injury of the night, a jammed finger.

The lack of injury in general says nothing of the action. Both teams wanted the win, and both teams put every bit of themselves into this match. One beauty of the league is that the girls practice together. There are team practices when possible, but the two a week that are mandatory involve whole league. In addition to the friendships between girls on different teams, I think a big advantage to this is that they all build a respect for each other. Regardless of team affiliation, they do so much work together as a league. I think this was manifest in the match, the way the teams treated each other even while working so hard to beat each other.

In the end, the Black Bettys skated off with the win. They took an early lead that they were able to hold onto. They never got a very large margin over the Kellys who almost caught up several times. Of course I'd rather Momma's team had won, but there's always next time.

The Kellys next bout is in November against the Lolitas. The Bettys and Lolitas have a match in October. We learn soon which Kellys get to be honorary Bettys and Lolitas, so Momma may be in the October match. I can handle temporary misplaced allegiance if she gets that chance. Either way I'll provide a loving post.