Saturday, September 02, 2006

surrounded by dishonesty

The subject of dishonesty has been on my mind for some time. I will mention the big pack of lies that we all face currently from Bushco and any number of right wing people married to a disturbing fantasy. Our nation is mired in responsibility for a living hell that our president has caused to arise in Iraq having forced our soldiers to create the catalyst for an ever worsening civil war.

So many of the rank and file of the right wing have said it for so long, but one of Bush's inner circle has finally given voice to an amazing piece of dishonesty. The suggestion is that the average American is a terrorist enabler merely by seeing the lies and the war for what they are. If we disagree with their point of view, if we disbelieve that warrantless war is a fine way to wage diplomacy, we are causing physical aid to those who are our true enemies.

Those true enemies, those terrorists that would actually dare to attack our nation, even they are further vilified by a fog of dishonesty. Would that anyone with the knowledge would tell us exactly why we find ourselves so often in the cross hairs of so much of the world and do so with the painful honesty we deserve.

Some among us, those believers in the longest running superstition, create daily their own dishonesty, creating a web of lies before retreating behind their rule book which, oddly enough, demands honesty of its followers. And this rule book is one that says within it that it applies most to those who would follow its doctrine, and this book has truthfulness as one of its main tenets. The followers of this book would name themselves referees in a game they want so to force us all to play. I ask again why the followers of this book don't actually follow it most of the time, but I know that my answer will not be one of truth or even of faith, another of this books main requirements.

Address the followers of this book and ask him some questions. Ask them the ratio of mentions by their lord and saviour of kindness and generosity to homosexuality; ask them which god mentions more and if that indicates his or her preference as to how they spend their time. Ask them if they are followers in a true sense of the book and its commands.

This post has been in my head for some time, but the final inspiration came tonight while I was watching television. I finally turned it off when I saw the newest anti-drug commercial. It, like all that I've ever seen, was created in a way to create yet more dishonesty around the issue of drug use. I find it interesting to watch the alcohol based commercial in which the danger is that one will perhaps imbibe to a point that they couldn't successfully drive a car. The ad shows various drivers driving poorly, their cars and trucks filled with alcohol in what I see as a fairly comical interpretation of drunk driving.

Certain drugs are deemed evil and are therefore illegal. One must admit that not all drugs are safe, yet what drug, whether legal or illegal can be said to be completely safe. Some drugs are designed in labs to treat specific human illnesses. Some drugs are created to deal with other human issues. Certainly certain drugs can be said to hold some blame when users make bad decisions. The problem lies in the fact that we are so often given complete dishonesty when drugs are discussed in that we never seem to approach certain aspects of the drugs.

If drugs are illegal because some have a tendency to addict their users, then why don't we approach the nature of addiction instead of jailing people involved in drug sales and use? Why in the case of marijuana are we never even given an honest study of the plant? It's use is perhaps not as old as that of alcohol. Much like many things that man has discovered though, we are certain that it has been in use as long as most other things we still use.

I have another ratio that I'd be interested in, the number of people who have smoked pot to those who have not. It would be an interesting survey if one could do a census, assuming that one would get complete honesty from all involved.

Like gay sex, those uninterested in marijuana should be the last people getting to make suggestions about how the rest of us go about our lives, but too often, the commercials show up to show how bad life is for people who smoke pot. The commercials mention drugs in a sense of the evil, the lives destroyed and the potential wasted, but we don't get to discuss how little Johnny came to be a pill head. We don't talk about what cocaine is really like and why some people get sucked into the hell of addiction. We don't ever hear of the numerous true and proven therapeutic uses of marijuana.

We get discussions of lots of things, and it always seems there's a certain element driving the focus. We don't get real issues, and sadly we too often don't realize it because we can't see through the fog of dishonesty. It comes at us from so many directions, and we've become a nation driven by fears that are spoon fed to us from various sources.

my seal

No, not the clubbing kind, the look at me being cool kind. Hat tip to several posters at Science Blogs. I didn't notice whose blog there I first saw this on, but that's where I learned of the seal generator. Go here and make your own seal. Apparently it's what all the cool sciencey types are doing, though I'm sure theirs are all intelligenty and stuff while mine displays my own true nature.

If you are not familiar with Science Blogs, go check them out. They seem like a smart bunch of folks over there, the thinky kind of smart. I like to think that I'm not not smart, but my smart is more of a quickly thinking of something rudely funny to say at your expense kind of smart. Yes, I know that smart ass doesn't necessarily mean smart, but I dances with the one what brung me.