Tuesday, September 12, 2006

mmmm yogurt

There's nothing quite as tasty as a Brown Cow cream on top yogurt, my favorite being the cherry vanilla flavor. I'm currently possibly having a raspberry as that was the last flavor we had, and I'm possibly having it as opposed to definitely having it because of the following reason. There's also nothing quite like wondering whether or not you should keep eating that yogurt because it might just taste a little funny. But it could taste a little funny because I just brushed my teeth prior to eating this yogurt. So I take another bite and keep wondering. I'm sure if it's the toothpaste that pretty soon the yogurt should start to taste normal again. But then I notice that the cream, which is no longer on top, isn't quite blending as it usually does. Instead of this, it's remaining rather lumpy, which it never does. That can't be a good sign, though it makes it easier to taste to see if perhaps I should stop eating. But then the lump seems to taste like maybe it's the toothpaste which really should have stopped being a factor, at least by now, it seems. But all in all, as I take spoons full to taste, it almost seems like maybe it's starting to taste right. Mostly, the flavor is bitter with none of the usual sweetness from the raspberries. It is yogurt, so it's going to taste a little sour, but this flavor, and it still could be the toothpaste, is just, well, dodgy I suppose. It's not that it tastes bad but that it might taste bad. And while I am a little hungry and hate to waste food, I'm just not sure I'm happy with this, which sucks because I'm not sure it's really not the toothpaste.