Thursday, September 21, 2006

Simpsons quotes

The quotes are from the John Waters episode. He plays a gay man who runs a store that specializes in camp. Homer of course, being so obtuse, doesn't get that John is gay until it's explained very plainly to him. He then freaks out and suddenly starts seeing signs that Bart is also gay. Homer then tries a number of ways to make Bart straight. So because they are funny, here are a couple of favorite quotes.

Bart-Dad, why did you bring me to a gay steel mill?

Of course this is when Homer takes Bart to the steel mill to show him "real men." It turns out to be a gay steel mill. It's just a great scene as Homer realizes he's completely surrounded by gay men and that one more of his attempts has utterly failed.

John Waters-Deer?! They won't find any deer around here. They all migrated North when the state parks converted to astro turf.

He says this when he hears of Homer's newest scheme to degayify Bart, killing a deer, because as everyone knows, only hetero men hunt.

Once upon a time, some distant past when Momma and I had more time or something, we started our own Simpsons library. Yes, we taped several VHS tapes worth of Simpsons episodes, sometimes even pausing to avoid commercials, often poorly. While searching through the cabinet of video tapes, Big Brother came across the Simpsons stash. This and Futurama have become his new late night viewing. We haven't read a book together in ages, but he has watched a lot of old Simpsons episodes.