Monday, September 18, 2006

roundabout link hopping

Going through my statcounter, I learned that once again my blog has been visited by someone searching my name. So, in the interest of interest, I clicked the search link to see who else showed up. This video was one of the hits, and I liked it so much I'm sharing it.

li'l woohoo

Slowly, so painfully slowly, The Boy is nearing using the potty. He does now on occasion use the potty, and he's getting better at pooping in the potty. He's almost three and a half, at which age Big Brother was well on his way to being diaper free.

I'm really proud of him for doing such a great job, and I'm happy that my frustration hasn't made the issue noticeably more painful. But I'm still tired of diapers. I'm ready personally for us to finally be diaper free as a family, but we still have to wait on The Boy to decide he's done with them.

But all signs point to us finally be getting to the end of diaper days. Oh those glorious days ahead when he finally stops wearing diapers and at long last he gets to wear the Thomas the Tank Engine underwear.

Again, li'l woohoo! We're on the way!