Monday, September 25, 2006

You Are Incredibly Logical

Move over Spock - you're the new master of logic
You think rationally, clearly, and quickly.
A seasoned problem solver, your mind is like a computer!

I suppose I feel pretty good about myself right about now. I am not saying I should or shouldn't, but I do.

today just feels . . .

I'm not really sure about today so far. It's an odd day. There are the usual aspects of the day in that, physically we are all doing what we would normally do, at least the boys and I are. Momma just left to go meet with her boss about her job. We've had breakfast and lunch, and the boys have been watching a Pokemon movie since right after lunch. They played with swords and drove me crazy a little bit before that.

The weather is pretty cool out. It seems cooler than it has in days, but this is the first day in several that we haven't gotten rained on. I don't think it's rained since some time early last night. It is pretty cloudy on top of the coolness, and that's adding to today's sort of feeling.

We have the windows open in the back of the house. If it stays cloudy enough on the sunny front side, I may open a couple of those windows soon. The sun blasts right in through those windows most of the day, and with winter a few months away, I'm reminded that I don't always hate those front windows.

I did have a pleasant moment earlier. After finishing something or other, I sat down on the sofa for a few minutes. The Pokemon movie was (is) still on, Momma was just about to leave, and the latest laundry load was just about ready for the washer-dryer switch. As I sat down, The Boy was roughly eight inches away, but he quickly scooted over right next to me. He didn't want to play or even to cuddle. He just scooted in really close without even taking his attention from the movie.

Part of today's oddness may be Momma's meeting. She had her own moment, rather unpleasant, at work Thursday and was given a few days off to think about what she'd done. What she did, while pretty bad in restaurant terms, was not without some amount of pressure from different sources, and should certainly be outweighed by the service she's provided over the couple of years this place has been open. I could turn this into a post about a certain type of server and about respect for position, but I tried doing that last week and didn't like what I came up with at the time. I have a post in me about servers, but it'll have to wait for now, and if I were being honest, I could do the same disservice to cooks.

I don't have any idea what will come from Momma's meeting. If she were not going to remain employed, I'm sure we would know that by now, but what terms she may be asked to accept to remain are certainly unknown. I may at any moment receive an unhappy phone call from Momma, explaining that I will need to dust off my resume. My resume is actually just a list of the last few places I worked and the kitchen managers' names, but that's not the point. I may be soon going back to work, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

It won't much matter how I feel, but I'm kind of thinking that I'd like to get back into a kitchen somewhere. I miss so much of that horrible, wretched job, even the bad parts kind of, but I would miss other stuff that I get to do not working. Our homeschool group has been picking up lately, and we've been getting together a lot. The boys and I have so far only been to the play days, but different members of our group have been putting lots of things together. It's great to see the group as a whole coming up with classes and educational opportunities together, and it's great to all meet at the playground. Momma would work less if i were also working, and our staggered schedules versus her overtime might mean that we saw each other a bit more.

Finally, here is my giggle of the day. I found a visitor in my statcounter searching "bobby flay ribs". I had a couple of beers and such in me when I found this late last night. I was just about done on the computer and heading to bed, and I laughed so hard about this I hurt.

silly monkeys

This from Wired in a story about pirate radio stations. Regardless of how you feel about the FCC and broadcast regulations and pirate radio, this story is funny as shit.

When federal agents raided free radio Santa Cruz in 2004, a crowd of several hundred protesters soon gathered at the 10-year-old broadcast center -- including the mayor, who was shouting through a bullhorn. The tires on the FCC agents' cars were slashed before they could leave, and then they received parking tickets before they could repair them. A few days later a fundraiser brought in more than $25,000 and Freak Radio, which is still on the air, was launched.

word of the late night

Our newest word of the day, a feature I'd nearly forgotten, is prelapsarian. The word describes some idyllic past that we all seem to remember, though it's always a different past. Thank you dear Wordsmith dot com.

It's always funny to hear people talk of innocence in past ages, periods of time when we are to believe that all was well and kids were kids. Perhaps god was smiling on the nation because we looked at sin and saw sin. People were just better, and they would help you out if you needed it.

But these days are so full of sin. We let the gays go and be gay all they want, and women are getting abortions every time they wear out a pair of running shoes, which is what comes of giving them the vote in the first place. Girls are getting tattoos and boys are getting pierced.

Really, my point here is that there was never an era in human history that was even close to innocent or happy-go-lucky. Most wars are religious in nature. When it comes to money, most people would just as soon screw you as look at you. Relationships stay fucked up because people are stubborn assholes. People will always try to screw the service staff, one way or another. Some people just can't hold their alcohol. Too many people can't just mind their own damn business. This is how life has always been. To hell with prelapsarian ideals! Damn them all!