Sunday, August 06, 2006

maybe I can vote again

There's nothing like the feeling of knowing every vote you cast is a pointless exercise in futility. As George Carlin put it so sweetly, on election day, you can go and vote if you want to. I'll stay home and masturbate. We'll both be performing the same basic function, but the difference is that when we are done, I'll have a little something to show for it.

Disagree with me all you want. Call me a bad citizen for thinking that voting is a lie and a cheat, stealing my time and sanity. Don't for one minute doubt that I believe in the concept, because I love the idea that society can make itself what it will, what the citizens deserve. But don't for one minute doubt that it's an illusion that people have more power than politicians and christians. It just doesn't work that way no matter how we long for some halcyon days of years gone by.

We all dissolve and rot the same in the belly of the beast. Even with our myriad skin colors and hair styles and sexual proclivities. In the end, all that matters is the service we perform in the face of the power. It's all about favors, and evil favors evil. Even Bush and Rove and Cheneymort will find their backs to the wall when Cthulhu's reign comes, as they've signed up to serve the wrong evil, and as the blood drips from his majesty's gaping maw, I will shower in that blood in search of a new cleanliness. I will revel in the new evil that outevils even our current stack of assholes that is the Republican party. Evil shrouded in a veil of good or christian would be considered to be worse than evil for the sake of evil, but at least they can pretend to have been driven by a sense of moral outrage.

Believe me, Cthulhu can have it all. I rest assured in my own beliefs that out of the discord will rise a new dawn of Erisian chaos and good times and free steak, beer and pot. Eris will make it all better, perhaps with a nice dash of eros, but even that won't matter. All the matters is the chaos and the rising of a new Discordian era. When that day comes, friends and neighbors, all will be washed clean again, the meanies shuffled forcefully off this mortal coil into a world where the stains on their hands will shine forevermore, never to be washed away or hidden.

Hail Eris! All hail Discordia!

For the theft of the above picture I thank the good folks at Science Blogs. Check them out if you like, well, science blogs. It's all kinds of sciencey and shit.

more on yesterday's soccer game

I meant to mention this yesterday, but I didn't. I kind of forgot. But I wanted to toss out my minor bitch about Freddy Adu. I can see his skill when he gets touches. I can see that he almost tries kind of hard. I'd really like to see him attack more. He lost the ball plenty of times, and each time he seemed to accept it. You just don't give the ball up and allow the opposing team to wander back to the other half. Each time Adu lost the ball, he just turned and walked back to the MLS side of the field, waiting for someone to get the ball to him. Sorry, kiddo, but if you give the ball up, the least you can do is make a token effort at getting it back. Why would you ever let the other team wander nonchalantly away from you? Damn all strikers/forwards that don't play defense when it's time. You don't go into standby mode when your team is on defense, you join them in defense and attack.

finally, another soccer post

If you watched today's MLS all stars versus Chelsea FC and are like me, you had a blast watching the MLS put a stop to the Brits. Actually, watching Chelsea was almost like watching a World Cup all stars match. Either way, the MLS guys won the game.

I'm sure they only won because the Chelsea side was tired and not in shape. After all, this is preseason for Chelsea. You know how out of shape and tired World Cup caliber players get after a month.

From what I saw, if the MLS all stars had practiced together a bit more as a team, they would have done that much better of a job of kicking premier ass. It's nice to see that at some level US soccer represents itself well to the world.

I was happy to see Landon Donovan in street clothes meaning that he was, for some blessed reason, not going to play. Seeing Eddie Pope in the same situation wasn't as cheery, but he played equally as poorly in Germany, and apparently he was not needed today.

Look forward to more soccer posts. AYSO starts before much longer. I have an email about the meeting, the one where we go to the Methodist church and get our paperwork and pick practice locations. I'm going to get excited at some point. This will be our last season playing U8.