Wednesday, September 05, 2007


To whom it may concern, this blog is no longer titled "No School, Just Learning" but has been changed to "Desk Full of Clutter" which has been the url all along. It was homeschooling bloggers that got me to start blogging, but I've never really blogged about homescshooling, and honestly, that "No School, Just Learning" think always bothered me anyway. It's just a crappy title for a blog my a person like me. Thank you, and have a lovely something.

cooling temps

My nipples are pointier than usual. Not so many hours ago, I was regretting that I'd worn jeans. Walking outside to smoke made me feel as if I were, not quite sweating, but developing a certain sheen. Now, my jaunt outside makes me think of wishing I had a sweater.

And as for the rain I rhapsodized about so many nights ago? Yeah, those clouds kept on moving, sharing their longed for moisture with the mountains to the east. I actually watched the clouds, later that evening, as they blew east and away, shedding not a drop for us valley folk.

But then the next day we got a quick shower, and then we got another quick shower over night. It could have been more, but we love each little drop we happen upon.