Saturday, February 18, 2006

rockin' out and surfin'

Yeah, that surfin' I mentioned would definitely be the internet. The only waves in this part of the country are of a most painful orange hue.
I do love rockin' out and most especially when I'm on the computer. Considering the computer is the best cd player in the house, it get's used a lot. Now that I've discovered today's links, I may have that much more trouble getting away from the computer.
If you like rockabilly, surf, blues, et cetera, all the greatest of the American musical forms, or if you want an education, you should certainly check out Border Radio. I haven't listened to anything else at the computer since I first saw them on Myspace. I can't even begin to keep up with all the people I've never heard of before that I'm hearing on here.
I wondered earlier today if their were a way to get itunes to not always disappear. Sometimes I want to stop/pause the music right away. It's often pretty loud, and I need it to totally disappear for a moment when either Momma or the boys need to talk to me. So Big Brother is sitting at the table talking, not realizing that I can't quite hear him. By the time I'm down to the itunes button and have it open and have the music stopped he has to repeat himself.
Hmmm, I began the thought process. I wonder, I thought, if there is a way to have a little controller that is alway visible even when their is a browser window open. My next stop, logically for once, was straight to the Firefox extensions page. Sure enough, exactly what I wanted, and here it is. Foxy tunes is so cool! I'm done now before I start gushing.

name for translations

I found something interesting while doing my usual screwing around on the computer.
It should be understood that when I mention translations to English that don't quite say what they mean, I in know way intend this to be making fun of anyone. I do find it humorous, but I also understand that, if I were to go to a foreign, non English speaking country, I would be the one mispronouncing the words and sounding funny.
I've actually had my English corrected by a Mexican coworker. Being from Atlanta, I often leave out the second "t" when pronouncing it, saying basically "Atlanna." My friend and coworker would then point out that, "Eet ees pronounced Ahtlahntah." To which I would answer, "No, I'm from there Saul, we actually pronounce it Atlanna."
Anyway, there is a word "Engrish" for the sometimes humoruos mispronunciations from our Asian friends. Our language and theirs are vastly different, and this Wikipedia entry explains better than I can.
Again, I do not wish to belittle anyone for their natural differences. Ignorant fools are funny sometimes, even if it's a sad kind of dark humor. People who are just different are just different, and difference, in my opinion, is a great way to find out about new and interesting people, and differences make us stronger.