Thursday, October 05, 2006

big party

Momma and Big Brother took a trip to Party City today to finish picking up party supplies. Of the things that she intended to buy, she let him choose the motif. The invitations had already been purchased and even mailed, though barely on time, but due to running late for something the day we bought the invitations, we didn't have time to buy any of the other stuff, which I'm getting to.

He picked Harry Potter invitations which are pretty cool. I like Harry and his pals, and I'd love to be eightish and go to a party with a HP theme. He also picked HP plates and cups. The napkins however are Power Ranger and the goody bags for the guests, whatever the hell you call those things, have Sponge Bob on them.

His final present showed up today on a UPS truck. He's wanted a skateboard for the longest time, but we've put off getting him one. Knowing a very little something about skateboards, I refuse to buy him some Wal Mart piece of crap that sticks when you turn and throws you off. That one actually came from Target, and I could conceivably fix it, but it really is piece of shit. We can get him a good one at a decent price, built from the deck down, at a local shop, but we've put it off. And we still are.

For a short period of time, in and around wanting a skateboard, he's also discussed rollerblades. Those get pricey and kids grow straight through stuff like that, so we've been a little leery of that as well, which was probably for the best because he was never really gung ho about them, but added to the list, he wouldn't have been upset to get them. He isn't getting them, at least not this time around.

As they will, the fates have turned yet again, and this time we broke down, or I should say that Momma broke down. Big Brother now wants a pair of quad skates. And yes he'll grow out of them, but he can wear two pairs of socks for a month till his feet grow, and by the time Chriswanzakuh comes around, he'll outgrow them and get a skateboard in time for the cold months. It'll work perfectly. It was of course roller derby ultimately that brought the quad love. With his own skates, he can skate whenever he wants now.

Momma feared that the quads wouldn't arrive in time, but our experience with the internet purchases and shipping has been pretty good, frighteningly so it seems. Thank you UPS.

Just a quick note to UPS while I'm on the subject, solid brown as a color scheme really flat out sucks. I'm not personally against brown, but there's also green, which looks nice with brown. There are other colors, but we won't be listing them here. That really isn't part of the original story. But honestly, a little something to break up the monotony, a little dash of just about any color. Brown is pretty simple to work with, so I'm not really asking that much. If I worked for them I'd wear a name tag that said my name was Drab. I'd listen to the Cure and drive around crying.

the grass

I'm developing quite a grudge toward one of our neighbors. The neighbor on one side does a normal job on his lawn every week to two weeks. He does a decent job of it, nothing fancy or elaborate. He does have a riding mower which makes me a little jealous, but he also has a decent patch of grass to mow.

The other neighbor is the one making me have issues. He is fastidious in his once every single week lawn care regimen. He takes it very seriously, and his lawn shows the effort. It's not a showpiece as such, but it's nice and always looks good.

It would be so much easier for me if I mowed at least once a week, and it doesn't really take that much time. We do have a fair piece of land to wander over behind the mower, but it's only difficult because I let it be. And it's not that I hate doing it, which I do, it's just that I get lazy and put it off.

There are certainly more contributing factors than laziness. I've finished the mowing in time to cook supper too many times. There is special feeling when one is cooking supper while the sweat of manual labor dries on you and the grass is still sticking to your legs. There's a whole other special feeling knowing that your kids are going apeshit while you are in the shower, and I hate taking a shower when Momma isn't here to keep the craziness down somewhat. I never know what I'll exit into otherwise.

So the grass grows taller, and I can see the neighbor from my kitchen window as he casts a disapproving glance at my yard. Well suck it neighbor man! Not all of us care that much, and some of us have things to do other than spend one day in seven getting crazy busy with the lawn. I could also make fun of his Big Dog brand shirt and the fact that he tucks his shirt into his jeans even when doing yard work, but I won't.

My whole point here is that I'm starting to get really bothered just seeing this neighbor. I know he hates my yard and my jungle like grass. Hell, he should appreciate that it makes his look nicer, but somehow I don't think that thought crosses his mind.

My options here seem limited. I could get into the habit of at least keeping the grass height reasonable, or I can continue to grow more aggravated by his glances at my yard, or I can just ignore him entirely. I've been working on a combination of the last two for this summer, but summer is almost over. If I can remember to get that one last mow in I'll be happy through the winter though.

The last mow is fairly important. I didn't get it in last year leaving the grass just too high for my wishes. The yard looked especially hellish all through the winter, but by that point it was too cold to mow, of course. And each spring rolls around, I have the same thought. Each spring I swear that this is the year I maintain the yard as opposed to sporadically mowing it just enough to appease the neighbor somewhat. So, I look forward to the last mow, and I know in my heart that, promise or not, next summer will likely be the same thing all over again.


One of these days, I'm going to make a real effort to not be such a lazy procrastinator. I know for a fact that I've said those same words before, many times over the years in fact. Yet saying and doing are really not the same thing.

The current bit of not doing involves Big Brother's birthday party. He is currently mere hours away from being eight years old. The party is mostly planned, and I've IMed a parent to invite his daughter since her invitation is still sitting on the desk, right in front of me, with no address. He did email his address to Momma, but since she doesn't check her email that often, we had to find alternate invite techniques. I'd have called him days ago, but knowing that he works third shift, I'm never eager to call very early in the day.

The party is set for this Saturday, assuming something doesn't come up, and we still haven't gotten all the supplies we will want. That trip is set for later today. I also need to think of something to cook the next two nights to add to the list Momma is going out to purchase.

It seems every year we are running around at the last minute to figure out his birthday. Last year got so bad that we just took him shopping for gifts. This year we actually have all them purchased or ordered as of now, but his big gift, somewhere en route we hope, is on order and will arrive sometime.

We had actually planned to plan a decent party. We were going to do it at a local roller skating rink, and we were going to plan it early enough so we could save enough money for the party. That didn't happen, and now that option is off the table. So we are going to do it at a park to avoid having all those kids at the house.

And there is more procrastination in my lack of having gotten the house presentable. It wouldn't be that hard to maintain, but I don't seem to do things that way. From the yard work to the house cleaning, I'm very adept at allowing things to get way out of hand before I fix them. And sadly, I know how much easier maintenance is versus huge cleaning jobs or mowing grass that's grown over a foot tall.

Maybe I'll just keep enjoying being a lazy bastard for a couple more months. I'll be overly lazy in an attempt to rid my system of the lazy procrastinatory leanings, then, with the new year, I will resolve to stop being so lazy. And then all my problems will be solved. Yeah, that's what I'll do, and future parties for the boys will be so well planned and executed that people will be astounded at the glory of it all.