Monday, April 17, 2006

first day's schedule

Today, I actually tried to implement the vaguest of schedules for the day. I actually can't say that it worked especially well, but there's always tomorrow.

I haven't asked very much of Big Brother is ages, so he's gotten used to not doing much of anything. I don't want to spring all of this on him and further complicate all this. But I can't help feeling I've been way too lax.

I've also been pretty lazy personally, so most of my working on is going to be to get myself to do things, set an example. I did fold some clothes and put them up, but I didn't fold all the laundry yet, and I could easily wash at least two more loads which of course I would then need to fold and put away.

I got some dishes done, but that pretty much had to happen. I don't know how Momma got to the sink this morning, but she managed to get the coffee made. I could possibly do another load of dishes just based on what's collected today.

We did no school anything, though I have some stuff in mind and had actually planned a couple of things. Again, I don't want to overwhelm the poor kid, and I don't want us jumping into too much stuff only to give up because we didn't plan. I have a personal history of great ideas that I didn't keep up.

I guess I need to go for The Boy is "huuuuuuuungry." Of course he knows that he has plenty of Easter candy still, so he wants some of that. I'd say candy may have been half of his diet today. Cereal for breakfast, Easter dinner leftovers for lunch, M&M's, Robins Eggs, jelly beans, a tiny bit of pork fried rice, and now he wants more candy.


Yesterday was Easter, so I stuffed myself full of ham to celebrate a religion that began with the Jews. How proper.

Frankie decided to post about her amazingly well run household just so that the rest of us could see how great she is and how suckful we are. Okay, actually, she has better reasons, and it's pretty funny that she did post about her household. I've been thinking for quite a while that one of my issues is about order and schedules. Her post has pushed me just enough to finally follow through a little.

I'm being totally honest when I explain that most of our days are spent staring into screens. I don't just mean this in number of days but also in amount of each day. I hate it and it's driving me and the boys crazy. They're currently fine with too much television, but we all need to change this before it gets worse.

The house is going straight to hell, and I'm tired of the mess, the confusion, the wrestling match to achieve even making a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

So I'm going to play with some of Frankie's ideas. I kind of like to actually schedule things, when I'm not too lazy to do so, so I won't steal her idea outright. But I do need to list all those things that we want done. Too many things just get forgotten or put off otherwise.

In addition to being tired personally of the mess and the clutter and the lack of motivation, I need to show the boys a better way. I don't want them to think that life is just t.v., nor do I want them to be used to living surrounded by mess. We also need to get back to reasonable bedtimes for everyone so that we can more easily wake up in the mornings.

I've rambled for long enough, and I haven't even touched on education. That's a subject I'm still not sure how I want to approach. But we're going to approach it more than we have lately.

I can hear the boys stirring, and they'll want to wake up and head straight for the t.v. probably. But that's just too bad. Today is the first day of scheduling and accomplishing. Organization and accomplishment are the goals, the buzzwords of the day/week/year.