Wednesday, July 11, 2007

more dryer

An update to my bitchy post about not having a dryer, I have to admit that it never once occurred to me to wonder if I could change the cords, which I both could and did. From there I went on to wash all the laundry that needed it. It's all finally folded and sitting in baskets ready to be put away.

So, thanks to everyone for the comments. Thanks to me for having finally gotten around to that. Thank you dryer that I'm not feeling the middles of socks where they are draped over the coat hanger to see if they are dry yet.

the cake

Momma made a cake recently based on a dessert she serves where she works. The dessert is two chocolate truffles served with some fruit and some fried wontons and some coconut milk. I'm not sure what all else it may have as I've never actually had or even seen the item.

I have seen the cake. I don't know the whole story behind it, but an ex coworker celebrated a birthday recently, and coworker who is friends with the ex co asked Momma for help making a cake. I don't even know who actually came up with the idea to made cake version of this dessert, though I do know I didn't actually get any of the cake.

Something learned from this cake is that chocolate ganache does not flow evenly over the butter cream frosting that Momma used as filler to round out the top of the cake, and big chunks of fruit can hide the places at the bottom that didn't get covered when you ran out of the ganache. Ganache is basically chocolate sauce that has been melted tempered so that it produces a shiny coating on your truffles.

We do have a container of cake, but it's the leftover cake that was sawed off the sides to make the truffle shape, and there isn't any sort of frosting or icing or ganache nor even a dipping sauce of any kind, just cake bits.

Momma also made a blueberry pie which is really good. I made some whipped cream to go with it which was the entirety of my contribution. The Boy asked for pie for both breakfast and lunch today, and if there's no sushi for supper, he may well ask for pie again before much longer.