Sunday, March 05, 2006

still recognize guilt oddly enough

Seriously, I pretty much quit guilt cold turkey ages ago. I let responsibility go then to, but that's the one that was kind of easy to get back. While having kids doesn't force you to become responsible, for most people it should be an adequate kick in the ass.

Guilt on the other hand is a feeling that people could really do without. It doesn't really help anywhere as it is generally improperly focused not to mention unnatural. Religion invented guilt as a way to trick people into the mindless constricts of religion. But that's another story for another day.

My guilt has to do with reading too many "what do you use" posts/comments/blogs. I see mothers tossing around names that I recognize, Abeka, Calvert, etc. And I think about curricula and know that I don't really ever plan to use one, so what do we use?

I don't mean any disrespect to any curriculum users. I'm not anti-curriculum for other people. I'm not interested, but they are useful. If I've said it once a million other homeschoolers have said it a thousand times, but there are just as many ways to homeschool/learn as there are homeschooling families.

So what do we use? Does Most Extreme on Animal Planet count? We are studying current events in England . . .as they relate to the wizarding community. Tonight we did some late American history studying the '50's as well as studied some music. Can I count Harry Potter and Grease? Seriously, I will totally count that as school.

I've been pretty happy with this layout in the past, the doing what we want thing. But the cabin fever has been setting in and we've done nothing but watch tv for months it seems like. Getting outside for a few days recently when it was unseasonably warm was great. I'm really ready for spring. And with all of the ass sitting, tv watching and computer surfing, I'm starting to think we might need some sort of. . .