Tuesday, June 05, 2007

about nothing

I've slipped once again into my sucking-as-blogger funk, having posted so fitfully that I probably ought to be ashamed.

I had a rant all worked up about a bunch of people complaining about anti homeschooling media bias for not informing us all that a spelling bee winner was homeschooled, and their comments to the story are just ridiculous, especially when you learn that the child in question isn't really a homeschooler. He's actually a student of the public school whose family has opted into a program that allows children to do public schooling from home.

Outside of the homeschooling universe it may seem that the differences are not worth being concerned with, but inside our little world, it is a big deal. My family has opted out of compulsory schooling for a variety of reasons, though many of our reasons are shared by both the left and the right side of the homeschooling world.

Public school at home programs often sound like a great idea. The program often offers the family many resources, presumably free, such as computers and access to teachers. If that is the best idea for your family, then your family should by all means pursue such a program, but we ask that you not pretend that you are homeschoolers. In fact, most homeschoolers, though they may agree with my opinion that this family is not homeschooling would in fact argue for their right to seek out the best educational model for their family, and to me, that's the very heart of homeschooling, reviewing all possible options to best aid your family.

The problem has to do with questions of law. As homeschoolers, we often have chosen this to allow our family an amount of freedom from the teaching that happens in a public school. Teaching history provides a great example of my opinion. I want my kids to find history through a variety of sources and develop the ability to pick out the thread of truth. While this is possible even with children who attend brick and mortar public school, it's much less likely as the children need not be concerned with truth so much as the answer that is expected and deemed right by the system.

A further problem comes when these public school at home families start to represent homeschooling more than we are able to represent ourselves. We fear that legal issues will arise that will eventually erode our freedom to educate our children as we see fit. We fear that these programs will come to replace what we feel is our right to raise our children and educate them.

And that's my rant. The people on the wings never help anyone, and we'd all be glad if they'd just shut the fuck up. I did provide a link to the wackos that I'm discussing, but I'd be doing you a disservice if I suggested you go and read it. No one has that much time in their day.


Lifted from one Mark Steele of Blogitude, I present you with the Monday Melee. I'm not going to pretend I'll do this every Monday any more than I'll pretend it's still Monday, though it is Monday for me.

So you get yourself a meme for the fodder, like there was any other kind. Plus, Momma's trying to play a video game that I've played a shit ton more than she has, and it's getting really hard not to tell her how to get through the level. And really, who needs that shit?

1. The Misanthropic: Name something (about humanity) you absolutely hate.
Smug arrogance, the kind of person who can drive a Hummer and deflect honest and accurate criticism of their choice with the argument that my concern is only jealousy at their outrageously narcissistic choice.

2. The Meritricious: Name something or someone that's completely fraudulent or bogus.
People who refer to equality as special rights.

3. The Malcontent: Name something you're unhappy with.
My and my family's financial situation is just about pitiful. Credit cards are both a necessary safety net and the devil's own lure. Or maybe I just wish like hell Momma and I had put more thought into some of the decisions we've made over the last few years.

4. The Meritorious: Give someone credit for something, and name it if you can.
My children are insanely cool.

5. The Mirror: See something good about yourself and name it.
I'm not nearly as big an asshole as I seem when you meet me.

6. The Make Believe: Name something you wish for.
Right now it all comes down to money in one way or another. I can't say that's the answer I'd have given if I could think of something else, but when I think of what I wish for, it's either sanity or money, and money is the one of those two I feel I can have any control over. Sanity isn't even a wish at this point but one of those unattainable things you imagine, like growing wings out of your back.

Now go and tag someone or something. I don't know how this crap works.

UPDATE: Here is where I point out how little I pay attention. If you've read my comment, then you are likely aware that the blogger from whom I took this meme is not the blogger to whom the credit for this should go. The real originator is Fracas, and the link will take you to the Monday Melee page. I'll do better next time, promise. Either way, I did lift it from Mark, and he does deserve some credit from me.