Friday, August 04, 2006

holy flaming powerbooks Batman

This post over at the Wired is just messed up. According to their story, they woke to their laptop on fire. That seriously can't be good. I don't own anything from Apple, but the iTunes that came on my computer works better than the other crap that came on it to play music. Anyway, I'd be leery at this point and might have to call up somebody at Apple, maybe send them a letter or something. Did you go look at that picture? Isn't it messed up? Kind of funny too. Dumbasses and their dumb laptop.

As an aside, I just ran the spell checker. When it got to dumbasses it suggested deemphasizes, but I thought, nope, I believe I've emphasized just about right.
and now again, I have to admit that I'd misspelled leery as leary and the damn spell checker didn't catch it, but I did. Stupid dumbass spell checker.