Wednesday, February 02, 2011

i didn't even have to use my ak

The weather has turned back to cold.  Perhaps we're getting our little bit of the big storm.  The forecast I looked at has us having a good chance of snow and rain by the weekend but with temperatures higher than freezing.  Maybe it'll just be a pretty snow.

Today was sunny for the most part.  I opted to stay awake after Momma came to get the boys for school and hadn't really planned my day when the phone rang.

It was work asking if I'd come in to replace a sick coworker who was there but needed to not be and would come and pick me up.  Being inside working meant that I didn't see a lot of the sun, but the nicest part of the day might have been my walk to the bus station after work.

I tried to chase the sun as much as possible but kept finding myself in the shadows of buildings until the last and longest stretch.  That final stretch involves two long blocks headed east which put the sun at my back.

One of those little things I crave during the winter is that sunny day with the sun at your back creating that little circle of warmth.  It helps, I think, that I wear a black leather jacket that seems to soak up the energy.

A little tense from the cold I turned that block and was a short way down when I felt that little spot growing on my back as the sun shone down on me.  I relaxed a little bit and might have even walked a little taller.  I certainly didn't slow down my pace.  I was cutting my timing a little close and didn't want to miss my bus again.

I had no need to worry.  I arrived on the platform with time to spare, though not much at all.  I met the driver as he came from the driver holding pen and boarded the bus right behind him.

I'm glad to have picked up the hours at work and will be glad to see them on my check.  My favorite coworker was there, and she and I nearly always have a great time in the kitchen.  I got a needed dose of sunlight and blew some of my last little bit of money till I get paid Friday on pizza because Papa John's delivers and I can pay online with my debit card.  If I'd had a bike I could have easily taken the #22 bus to the grocery store and biked home from there, but alas that has yet to transpire and is not germane to this conversation.  Homework help was provided, pizza was eaten, Scribblenauts was played, and chapter five of The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe was read.

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