Wednesday, August 01, 2007

what now?

I've been bad at thinking of things to bitch about lately, and I'm afraid that's probably possibly unhealthy for me. Perhaps I store all the hate inside and don't let it out sometimes, and unwitting blog readers are perfectly capable of withstanding the barrage of ill will. It's only natural that I utilize this god given forum for vent spleening.

I hate commercials . . . period. I hate them all, even if they happen to make me laugh. I especially hate them when they try to play with one's emotions to sell their product.

I especially hate the one where the kid shakes up the two liter of soda and sprays it all over the kitchen, at which point his mother sprays him back with the sprayer from the kitchen sink. No way in hell would I be willing to increase that sort of mess.

Here's the deal in my house when you spray shit everywhere. I find you enough towels to do the job, perhaps get the initial bulk if it's that bad, and then I go outside to smoke a cigarette and ignore the fact that some kid thinks he's too small to have to clean.

I hate the gnome from the Travelocity commercials especially, almost up to white hot passion level hatred. It's not fucking funny. It's worse than the cavemen, who are almost amusing roughly one out of every ten separate commercial. But the gnome is just stupid, and the zany one liners are limp like old celery.

Kid's Bop can once and for all go straight to hell. I'm not kidding at all with this one. I'd take every commercial I've just mentioned to never hear those asshole kids singing some asshole's top forty song about sex barely hidden under a thin and sadly not even witty layer of innuendo. I've definitely trained the boys to hate that shit. If I get nothing else from homeschooling, the fact that my kids will be able to face music with ears untainted by popular opinion makes it all worthwhile.

Damn that felt good, just to unburden myself. The dark cloud of those filthy ads was starting to wear on me. Thanks for allowing me the breath of fresh air I get from unloading into the nether regions of the blogosphere that I inhabit. I couldn't do it without you.

one more time

I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about Harry Potter by now, and I must say, I'm sure I'll be ready to quit by the time all this is over.

I hadn't planned to read half the series in reverse order. I did plan to read book six in preparation for book seven. But then I had time, and nothing else sounded good so it was on to five and then four. I finished four as Big Brother finished seven, and I of course devoured that one. Momma is now well into it, and we certainly hope she's done soon.

Big Brother is rereading the series and is up to almost finished with book five. Earlier tonight I finished number three. Yes, I've begun at one and progressed forward through the series, and I'm thinking, though it's only been a matter of weeks since I last read it that I might go ahead read book four then and continue on to the end.

I'm actually leaning toward finishing the series. I'm noticing things as I reread the books that I never realized before. I'm realizing how much more involved each individual book is with the whole story. It really is more than just horcruxes. Given the gap between books while waiting for new ones, certain details would get lost or forgotten, but now I'm really seeing more little things that may not have really stood out before.

I know many of (both of) my readers have the full set now. I'd encourage you all to take whatever time you need and reread the series. You've read them once, so you'll likely breeze through the second time faster than Snape from a bottle of shampoo.

Also, why wasn't there a way to get from Diagon Alley to Kings Cross platform nine and three quarters? The platform was magical, and I imagine it would be easier and less worrisome getting people through some sort of floo network than having them show up on the muggle side and try to sneak through a barrier. I guess the wizarding world may not know everything.