Monday, January 05, 2009

sore hips

Yesterday was quite a day. I started by sleeping later than I meant to even though Big Brother actually woke me up at what would have been a perfectly reasonable time to wake up.

I did eventually wake up enough to actually get up, and I began the day with some lovely laziness. After the boys ate enough, and after I'd eaten a little, we finally got ourselves dressed and motivated ourselves out of the house.

As of yesterday, the ice skating on the square is over until the end of this year and the return of the holiday season. Our day continued there, on the square, enjoying the ice rink one last time.

That's when I got my first sore hip. I can feel the pain inside the joint, and though I don't know exactly how it happened, it was the skating. I'm not in great shape really, and I didn't do any stretching other than that required to bend over and cram my feet into skates.

It was fun, as always, and The Boy is absolutely adorable shuffling around on the ice. Big Brother is a decent skater, and thankfully, this time, he didn't let his new found ability on the ice make him over confident. He didn't go crazy and try to do all the cool things he saw more capable skaters doing.

We got to watch the ice resurfacing, and we got to skate on the freshly less scarred ice. Soon enough it was time to go and pick up Momma from work. She and the boys then turned arouond and dropped me back off at the square for the christmas party my job threw for the employees. One of the managers talked nice to the ice rink people, and they were nice enough to let us skate for a bit, so for the second time, I was back on the ice.

Sore hip number two happened, I'm certain, during a fall. I only fell twice, both times coming out of turns. I overestimated my ability and paid the price. This soreness is on the outside in the form of a lovely if nearly invisible bruise. It doesn't hurt any less because of its near invisibility.

And that's the story of my two sore hips. There was much more to the evening. There was the part when I realized again why I love this town. It really is a great size, and I love when I see that two different groups of friends actually know each other already proving that it really is one big group of friends.