Friday, August 18, 2006

tastes like . . .

As many families do, we like to eat the yogurt. I prefer Brown Cow brand with the layer of cream on top. Sometimes, I actually stir the yogurt and fruit together under the cream so that the cream stays mostly whole. Then I can stir it in at the end leaving it in pieces instead of having it become one with the fruit from the bottom and the yogurt itself. It's nice to get a largish chunk of the cream layer in a spoon full.

At the store, I generally let the boys choose flavors. Big Brother tends to like the same flavors as I. Recently, The Boy chose Yo Baby yogurt in a little six pack of banana and vanilla flavored yogurt. The package sports pictures of babies, most likely babies that eat yogurt. Either way, that's what The Boy noticed, and he asked specifically for the "baby yogurt." That's fine. Baby yogurt for him and Brown Cow for the rest of us.

As we turned and walked away from the dairy case, I thought I heard The Boy saying something about the yogurt. I leaned in a little to be sure I heard and asked him to repeat himself. What had he said? "The yogurt tastes like babies."