Wednesday, January 28, 2009

30 for srsly

Yesterday I posted about my fuse issue and my need to return to the store to replace the twenty five amp fuses with the proper thirty amp fuses. That venture was entirely successful, and the fuse not only fit in the hole but fixed our dryer issue. We are now once again able to dry our laundered clothing.

On a different topic, the rain has returned. It's been a mere drizzle so far, but I think I can hear it raining more heavily, and the wind may have picked up as well. According to the most recent weather report I hear we can expect more rain throughout the day turning to snow possibly later.

I do work today, but this rain may mean yet another cut in the amount of business we can expect. Due to Hairspray being performed at one of the downtown theaters, we actually had decent business last night, but people tend to cut down on what they are willing to do outside when it rains. Yeah, weird, I know.

I think I might have another post boiling away inside. I really am trying to get back to this thing called blog, but so much of what's on my mind hasn't really been something I want to post. Momma's dating situation is not really mine to write about outside of how it effects me. I've got nothing going on in my own life, and I'm certainly not going to mention the random fuck buddy. I mean, I guess it's nice to have a friend in which I am mostly uninterested but with whom I can have disappointing sex, but again, it just isn't blog worthy.

Maybe I'll live blog my shower. That's obviously not going to happen, but as an idea it's at least slightly amusing.