Saturday, March 03, 2007

more beers?

Actually just one beer, Flying Dog's Classic Pale. This won't dethrone my current favorite pale, Highland Brewing Co's Saint Terese, but it is a good example of the style.

It's a nice almost amber color and has what I would call a nice hop balance. I'm a fan of beers that don't have that balance and err on the side of more hops, so it could lose some points, but it doesn't. It shouldn't be overly hoppy as a classic pale as opposed to what I think of as American pales, those glorious beers that arrive in a veritable myst of hops.

I almost got lost in a myst of hops remembered. I apologize.

It's a good beer. If you can, pick you some up. They sell a mixed twelve pack that I've heard is supposed to be made up of extra bottles. The last couple I got were a little heavy with some golden crap that Momma and I both drank out of obligation. At least they're better than Bud, but then, licking my own butt would be better than Bud.

update from the mysts

I need like hell for my self imposed writing hiatus to end, and I'm realizing for all the crap I spout on the blog page, it might have been a little helpful as well.

I haven't had the best time the last couple of weeks or so, and it isn't something I'd care to write about. The problem comes with the fact that that it's a situation that is not really ever far from my mind, and moreso it seems when I sit down and stare at a blank page.

Beyond that particular episode, nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I chose at the last minute not to coach Big Brother's soccer team. The thing I'm not discussing made me feel that I couldn't guarantee the commitment. It's going to be weird for me to be just a fan, but from the practice, what I caught while chasing The Boy around the playground, the team looks like a great bunch of kids. Of course I've said that about every one of his teams.

I'm curious about my own soccer season due to a busier derby schedule on Momma's part. Her Tuesday practice has now been moved to Wednesday, the night I've historically had for soccer practice. My Sunday games have and always will interfere/be interfered with by derby practice and bouts. The derby season this year is a lot busier than last year. The girls are all doing great and looking to meet some victims from other cities. So we'll do some traveling it seems.

We've got some new music, watched a couple of cool movies among other things over the past couple of weeks that I haven't been posting. I'm trying to come back to posting regularlyish again. I have to work to put the ugliness behind me and move on, and I feel like I need to get back to writing.