Wednesday, December 10, 2008

where'd teh gays go?

As I'm writing this, it's rather late. Most people are well into their night's sleep, and by the time they read this it will be tomorrow, or at least it will be tomorrow from where I sit on the presleep side of the day.

Anyway, as you read this, perhaps you don't know that it's Day Without A Gay day. Perhaps you do already know if you have those damned militant homos calling in gay at wherever the hell it is you work.

I won't be calling in gay. I can't afford to, and I certainly can't afford to put my sudden newfound employment on the line for something so simple as the desire to eventually be able peacefully to make sense of this huge part of me that I wasted many years denying to the detriment of myself and most everyone and everything around me.

But, as of now, I do plan to wear my gay tshirt.

That's right. I have a gay tshirt. It's black and tight fitting and has the word "recruiter" in rainbow letters.

I hope that as many gays as are able to decide to call in gay tomorrow/today. I hope that people realize how empty their own lives are when certain people are denied the chance to just be themselves and find their love and live their life as so many non gay people take for granted.

Sitting here making a point of thinking about it I see being gay as the part of my whole that it is. For many people it isn't as easy as it is for me, while for many people it's so much easier than it was or is for me. That's gay for you, and it would really be nice to finally one day know that it doesn't matter.

We sit next to you in your cubicle and coach all the kids when ours play soccer on the same team as your kids. At the grocery store we both want to find the perfect package of chicken parts for whatever it is we're cooking for dinner. We want, just like you, to park as close to the mall as possible, because we don't want to waste any more time at the mall than we have to.

Of course some people like the mall, both gay people and not gay people. I personally don't, outside of the almighty Chic-fil-a, but that's really neither here nor there.

In the end, don't expect too many people to notice that their day might not have included as many gays as usual. Most people probably won't notice at all. But I'll be at work, and I'll be wearing my shirt, and if you ask I'll tell. Hell, I might tell anyway.