Monday, August 07, 2006

dominionist theocratic freaks

For some who are concerned about this, be warned that the first big red link will take you to that blogging site that many christian homeschoolers use and which many diverse homeschoolers choose not to visit or link to. I'm linking because I'm so scared of the attitude espoused in linked post.

Some christians like to argue that the concept of separation of church and state is not in our Constitution. I say that perhaps they haven't read the document very closely. So many of these same people like to argue that they hold some high moral ground and are therefore able to craft laws and punishments in regard to matters that should be of no concern to them.

A quote from a blogger and homeschooler Scott Somerville, I have been categorized as a "dominionist" by my "inclusive" friends--not because I tremble at the thought that God is both just and powerful, but because I think I should do what I can to make our laws line up with His justice.

Scott's last line there is the kind of thing that makes me tremble. I could take us all on a stroll through history and discuss all the different times that theocratic tendencies caused death, destruction, hurt and just general turmoil. Religion is too often forced on people who want nothing of it, like a riot spilling out into the streets leaving a path of destruction in its wake. That is how I see religion and people with dominionist tendencies.

From Merriam-Webster Online we learn that dominion means domain or sovereignty. Some people feel that the earth and all the people on it should recognize their particular brand of god as sovereign and all the earth as his domain. Through their position as his representatives, these same people feel that they should exert in god's stead his dominionist desires.

I think I should do what I can to make our laws line up with his justice is a line that screams of theocracy. With the christians able to draw our lives as they would we would lose all sorts of freedoms and liberties that are our birthright as humans.

Scott doesn't seem to understand atheism. It isn't a religion! It is a complete disbelief in religion and the gods that people all religions. It isn't a crazed raging in the face of god. A belief in god, in my opinion is kind of like believing in a hollow earth.

For a group so interested in their discussion of freedom, it's amazing how many people are left to suffer needlessly by the dominionist theocrats. Screw the weak and the downtrodden. Let he who crows loudest about sin cast the first stone and homeschool their kids to learn how to remove the burden of personal rights and privacy by creating a theocratic government in what was once a great country.