Tuesday, March 27, 2007

that thing they's doin'

I started writing a post about the visual DNA thingamajig that I saw at Contemplator's site, and then I didn't so much. And then the page was suddenly there again as I closed some other window, and I thought about the whole thing again.

The conclusion I came to is that I wasted a good couple of minutes or so looking at pictures and trying to decide whether this one or the other most meant love. I noticed that my favorite, ennui, was nowhere on the list. That alone is enough not to trust the testing capabilities of this thing, but in the end, I seem to like what it says. It's kind of like getting a good fortune in a fortune cookie. You kind of want to stick it in your wallet as if that will help make the fortune more likely to transpire, but then you forget about it for a few years until your cleaning you wallet and it's not even legible, plus it's so worn you don't recognize it as a fortune cookie fortune anyway, so what the fuck is the point in ever saving them again? But that's really not where we're going with this.

No, this is about pictures and emotions and feelingy kind of shit. You don't have to bother looking at it if you don't want to. The few people reading this that I might actually know may not even bother to try grokking whether it's accurate or not. Plus the fact that I'm a bit of lone wolf, an enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a vest in a certain sense.

Oh, and the bedroom in the one picture is so unlike my own actual bedroom, the one in which the magic is said to happen. What actually is happening is that years later, it seems as if we are still moving into that one room. We'll get to it one of these days.

breast health for POH

I'm a guy, and due to this, I'm nearly titless. I have tiny yet fairly pointy nipples, but this post isn't about my nonbreastedness. It's Tuesday, and Pissed Off Housewife has made a point of discussing the female human teat and its tendency in some women to develop cancer. So for her and for all the women I love, I join in the Titty Talk Tuesday.

Finding cancer early means treatment can begin earlier and increases the likelihood that one will have a successful recovery. Breast self exams and mamograms are essential tools in finding and treating breast cancer.

I like breasts as well as boobies, knockers, chestnuts and lunghammers. I like them in sweaters and in tanktops. I like a little side boob when it happens. I also like women, who I understand are actually NOT life support systems for . . . uuhhhh, that wasn't actually me there. Sorry. I've known a woman or two here and there, and I have to say, along with the nonbreasted among us, they're my favorite kind of people.

Here is a link to a breastcancer.org page discussing breast self exam. And yes I did puss out on the post title. I almost called this Tittie Talk Tuesday, but I keep pretending I have some random christian readers left, and I'm not willing for this post to lose a reader that doesn't care to read something blaring "titties" at her from the beginning.

Guys, hoping there are some left, ask your wife the next time you see her if she checks her tits on a regular basis. Checking regularly is important so that you will notice the difference. And I don't think that means you guys. You might want to help, but do you really think you can just feel for health? I can feel in preparation for some exercise, but health I'm afraid perhaps not.

I want Momma and I to die at 101 years old, within moments of each other and holding hands between the hospital beds. She's at work, but when she comes in tonight, I'm going to ask her if she's been checking.