Friday, October 13, 2006

brain not working . . . here's some videos instead

Maybe Johnny Cash did it better, maybe not. Either way, it's damn fine song, and here it is, those damn Cocaine Blues.

It's starting to seem like it might just be Hank Williams III night, and if we're sticking with a single artist, we'll also stick with one topic, inebriation. So pour another shot, pop another beer, light another smoky treat.

Keepin' on keepin' on like I do, more Hank for you. Yeah, we're still doing drugs cuz we dance with the one what brung us.

Maybe it was them pills I took, maybe it was that gallon or two of beer. Maybe, and this is more likely, I've taken one too many shots to the head and just don't think right. Either way, Hank's coming to my town soon, and I'm going to go see him and drink beer and holler at his scrawny ass.

derby pictures

I know I promised pictures from the recent derby match, and I'm finally going to offer those. Momma had already snagged a couple to our computer, and these are the two I'd have used anyway. Here is the link to the Flickr page of the photographer that took the pictures. He does take really good pictures as one can easily see from poking around his page. Checking out his different photo sets will certainly prove that. Enjoy the pictures, and if you're close enough, make sure to swing into town October 29 for the next round of girl on girl smash and bash.

I love both of these pictures. That is indeed Momma beating the Betty's pivot two different times. Roller derby is fun enough, but when it's your wife blasting through the pack, and you can almost see the little lines of flame growing from her wheels, one gets a whole new and special feeling.

I keep thinking I might one day ask the photographer about snapping a few pictures at a soccer game, but I doubt anyone needs or wants a picture of me hitting the ground, and that's pretty much how I play.