Sunday, October 08, 2006

more oddish visits

A popular blog post subject that I've used and have seen used is the searches that bring people to our pages. If you have a blog, there are many free services, such as Statcounter, that can allow us as bloggers to know more about people visiting. Often people find our blogs through some very odd searches. Just as often, some seemingly mundane search brings visitors to a post that is odd or funny in relation to the search itself.

So here is the odd search of day. Click this link and enjoy. Pay attention to the text on what is at first glance an average Google search page.

impeach bush NOW!

First off, hat tip to Ed at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, which is at Science Blogs. As I scroll through the headlines from Sb in Bloglines, his headlines pull me in more often than many other of the bloggers there.

Today he's mentioned what's become an old story. Legislation gets signed by the president with a little p.s. telling us that he has read and has decided not to be bothered by the legislation. Once again, our elected official Bush has flipped us all off, told us that he is smarter than anyone else and that he will do whatever the hell he wants.

I've asked the question before, and I even left it as a comment at the blog mentioned above. So far I have not been answered, and I haven't found a good enough answer on my own.

Why has Bush not been impeached? Why have the American people not fired him? If you had an employee that acted as he has, you would have fired him long ago. I've fired people for less than he's done.

When we found out that President Clinton was getting head, every Republican in the country raised a stink. The entire nation ground to a halt as we spent millions on investigations to learn for certain what had happened. He lied to us, and he probably lied to his wife. I personally was pretty sure that he'd gotten some head, and I still don't care. It's a minor thing, especially when measured against his accomplishments as president. The Republicans think getting your dick sucked is worthy of impeachment.

I wish someone reading this would leave me a comment and name one good thing Bush has done in his presidency. Helping out his family and friends doesn't count. Enriching major corporations doesn't count. Starting a bloody, bullshit war doesn't count. I want to know of one truly good thing that Bush has done that wasn't directly for his own benefit. I want to know how he's kept from being impeached.

Finally, to the Democrats. Are you Democratic office holders in this country that scared of him? Are you such pussies that you won't do what's right? You have lain in the streets in front of the Republicans and allowed the party of the wrong to trample and piss all over you and done nothing to stop the evil. You sometimes make stirring speeches and condemn the president and his henchman, but you haven't done anything real. Fuck talking, get in the game and show us.