Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 or 30?

Our weather, once again, is cloudy and wet. When I was outside earlier the rain was the finest of drizzles, more a rain that you feel as you walk through it than one you feel falling onto you.

It would be a great day to be lazy and not move till we have to, and the boys are more than happy to continue ignoring my attempts to get them to get dressed. We need to go to the hardware store and the grocery store, and the sooner the better.

I bought fuses yesterday and managed to get the wrong size. I knew what size I needed, and I saw them hanging on the rack, but somehow I grabbed the twenty five amp fuses instead of the thirty amp. We've been without a dryer for days now, though it's only now beginning to be an issue. The jeans I am wearing, that I wore to work yesterday, were the final clean pair, and the last clean pair of socks can't be too distant in my future.

Also the dog is out of food. I don't think I need anything else from the grocery store at this point, and other than dog food and perhaps milk, everything else can wait. We do definitely need to feed the dog.

And for these reasons I need to boys to get dressed. I don't want to interrupt them when they are playing so peacefully together, but really they almost always play well together, so it's not like I'm worrying about some fragile and elusive thing.

So, on my way to smoke, as I pass their room, I'll yell at them with pleading and tears and perhaps some gnashing of teeth. Perhaps I'll leave out all of the above in favor of gentle imploring. Either way we need to go, and they have to be dressed so that we can.