Saturday, August 12, 2006

train of thought in links

I have a window open with several tabs, each of which is a different video. It's a funny little story how I came upon these videos. It won't be the kind of funny that makes you laugh, the story part at least, but the videos themselves are all funny in their own way.

This little trail starts at Science Blogs with a funny video. In it, Ricky Gervais reads from the book of Genesis in the Bible. If your only reading of the Bible is in a context that is accepting of it as true, this might be a little unpleasant to watch, but you really should anyway.

Our next stop is more Ricky Gervais. He's the actor that starred in the British show The Office, a remake of which was done here in the US. I've not seen the original, but Gervais is funny in what I have seen him do, and Steve whatsit from the American version was mostly painful to watch. That's why we should import the real show instead of the idea.

Anyway, that being said, I went on with the You Tube experience and watched another Ricky Gervais video, this one featuring the soccer talents of a certain pair of English stars being interviewed by Mr. Gervais. Peter Crouch and Wayne Rooney show us why they are the pride of England.

That damned video site being what it is, I found myself watching a delightful music video cheering on England's boys, an easy jump from the previous video and perfectly representative of the curse that is You Tube. I'd have loved to find this before or during the World Cup as it just would have played better then, but it's still pretty damn funny. I love how they so perfectly captured Rooney's monkey face.

So, there you have it. I've managed a post based entirely on videos, showing you all how easily I can get sucked from something seemingly intelligent into some dark and humorous time wasting cesspool of goofiness. Honestly, there were more videos mixed in with these few, but I cull the worst out, personally sacraficing myself to provide you every so often with something of passing humorous interest.

cabinets and refrigerators

Don't you love that feeling you get when you've almost got the plastic wrap into the cabinet where it lives only to find that you are in fact putting up the bowl of food which actually is not only not the plastic wrap but also doesn't go into the cabinet, belonging rather in the refrigerator, which is in fact behind you and not at near ground level, unlike the cabinet, which is.

An even better feeling would be the one that I just had from the spell checker. The only word it decided was misspelled is the word "cabinets" and that only in the title because it always wants me to capitalize that first word in the title, which I don't do.