Thursday, October 05, 2006

big party

Momma and Big Brother took a trip to Party City today to finish picking up party supplies. Of the things that she intended to buy, she let him choose the motif. The invitations had already been purchased and even mailed, though barely on time, but due to running late for something the day we bought the invitations, we didn't have time to buy any of the other stuff, which I'm getting to.

He picked Harry Potter invitations which are pretty cool. I like Harry and his pals, and I'd love to be eightish and go to a party with a HP theme. He also picked HP plates and cups. The napkins however are Power Ranger and the goody bags for the guests, whatever the hell you call those things, have Sponge Bob on them.

His final present showed up today on a UPS truck. He's wanted a skateboard for the longest time, but we've put off getting him one. Knowing a very little something about skateboards, I refuse to buy him some Wal Mart piece of crap that sticks when you turn and throws you off. That one actually came from Target, and I could conceivably fix it, but it really is piece of shit. We can get him a good one at a decent price, built from the deck down, at a local shop, but we've put it off. And we still are.

For a short period of time, in and around wanting a skateboard, he's also discussed rollerblades. Those get pricey and kids grow straight through stuff like that, so we've been a little leery of that as well, which was probably for the best because he was never really gung ho about them, but added to the list, he wouldn't have been upset to get them. He isn't getting them, at least not this time around.

As they will, the fates have turned yet again, and this time we broke down, or I should say that Momma broke down. Big Brother now wants a pair of quad skates. And yes he'll grow out of them, but he can wear two pairs of socks for a month till his feet grow, and by the time Chriswanzakuh comes around, he'll outgrow them and get a skateboard in time for the cold months. It'll work perfectly. It was of course roller derby ultimately that brought the quad love. With his own skates, he can skate whenever he wants now.

Momma feared that the quads wouldn't arrive in time, but our experience with the internet purchases and shipping has been pretty good, frighteningly so it seems. Thank you UPS.

Just a quick note to UPS while I'm on the subject, solid brown as a color scheme really flat out sucks. I'm not personally against brown, but there's also green, which looks nice with brown. There are other colors, but we won't be listing them here. That really isn't part of the original story. But honestly, a little something to break up the monotony, a little dash of just about any color. Brown is pretty simple to work with, so I'm not really asking that much. If I worked for them I'd wear a name tag that said my name was Drab. I'd listen to the Cure and drive around crying.

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ABZ Extreme Staff said...

I agree that you should buy him a quality board. If you buy him a cheap board it will just continue to cost you more money. Go to a local shop and talk to those guys and they will give you all the info that you need! He will have alot more fun with a skateboard than skates. The only rule that I ever had for my kids was that they slowed down on the boards during soccer season. But now that they are older I just let them skate whenever they want. Good luck on the purchase!