Sunday, January 29, 2006

iron chef america

I don't really like the American version of Iron Chef. I do however adore the original Japanese show. I have an especially soft spot in my heart for Morimoto, my all time favorite Iron Chef.
I really wish that the episode that I am now kind of watching were just a ploy to get Rick Bayless across kitchen stadium to stick a knife in Bobby Flay's ribs.
I just don't like Bobby Flay. I never have. Back when he was grillin and chillin, I always waited for the other guy to just whip his ass one day. I don't even remember the other guy's name, and I'm not googling it right at the moment either. Chances are though that if there were such a thing as justice he'd have the contract with Food Network and not that butt nugget Flay.
I would like to see Flay and Jamie Oliver fight. That's one of those moments that would just truly be golden. Of those two, which is the biggest geek? I can't really say the things I most want to about these guys as I'd like to keep this whole thing at least PG-13ish. I'll say honestly that I could take them, probably not at once as I just don't trust either of them in a fight. But seriously . . .
I'm not sure about Bayless. When I've seen him on some cooking show . . .hmmm, have I ever?
I kind of feel sorry for Alton Brown when I watch this. It seems as if he sold himself to get the good show, and then some evil corporate overlord came up with the idea to make Iron Chef suck, looked through the pile of contracts for souls and picked poor old Alton.
Anyway, chalk the rant up to disgruntled jealousy. I'm sure that's what it is. Okay, it's mostly that Bobby Flay sucks, but there's also the disgruntled jealousy.

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