Thursday, February 23, 2006

the library, finally

We have been missing the library lately. With letting the boys stay up later at night came the obvious sleeping later in the day. Our best day to have the car are those days when Momma works in the morning and get's off early enough in the evening.

So we haven't been getting up at 8:00 a.m. and haven't been taking Momma to work. We have been stuck at home day after interminable day. It's been too nasty and cold to go out most days, mostly because I really, really hate winter.

We finally made it to the library today. Momma had to be at work at noon and is working to volume, basically meaning that she leaves when the place is dead enough to not need her. Since she will be off before anyone's bedtime, we hope, we took her, dropped her off and went straight to the library.

I had forgotten the stroller, actually having assumed it was in the trunk, so that The Boy walked. He's a great walker, but he is an even better meanderer. Not having the stroller meant no books for me unless I wanted a juvenile or YA book, which I sometimes do. I actually have enjoyed many jfiction books lately thinking that I was "screening" them for Big Brother. I refuse to take both boys through the non-children's books if The Boy isn't in his stroller both to save my own sanity as well as to keep the noisey running to a minimum for the other library patrons. My boys can be noisey!

We did visit the second floor for the A/V department, though I couldn't really convince either of them to actually look at the cd's. For what it's worth, we checked out the following music:
-Beethoven-String Quartets-Alban Berg Quartet
-Gene Krupa-In Concert
-Steve Earle-Essential Steve Earl
-Bob Dylan-Biograph
I was sure that we'd gotten more music, but I was wrong.

Our local NPR station's night time jazz show was all big band recently, and they played Sing Sing Sing with that amazing Gene Krupa opening that just puts that fire in your ass. I don't remember which blogger that I read recently pontificated on Beethoven's string quartets. I'm not much into classical music generally, but I also don't dislike it. Steve Earle, well, he's Steve Earle, and if you don't know, take yourself to the store and get some. Bob Dylan, well, he's . . .can't use that one again . . .hmmm. Big Brother knows of Dylan through some Johnny Cash stuff we have with Dylan singing in the back somewhere. He noticed the recent documentary about Dylan, No Direction Home, and got more and more excited about it as he saw more commercials. Then the show finally came on, and it wasn't quite what he expected. I enjoyed it, while he, growing quickly bored, did not watch much. So I've been checking the library when we used to go weekly oh those months ago, but for some reason, Bob Dylan seems to be fairly popular so that his work is always checked out.

We also picked up our usual couple of Thomas the Tank Engine videos and I found some books to read to The Boy. Big Brother is rereading the Harry Potter books, finishing the first two in record time. For the coolest Harry Potter link that I've seen lately, try these spells.

We also owe the library a bit more money than I thought. We got into a bit of a time period, as I've mentioned, where we weren't visiting the library as regularly as we usually do. I messed up, got confused then found the stuff I thought we'd returned. Thankfully, we don't owe them a lot of money, though owing the library any money is too much to me. I'm in love with the library and am not happy with myself when I disrespect her or her books.

Time to step outside for my post lunch smoke, then back here to the headphones and some Gene Krupa.


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Frankie said...

Sometimes I owe my library money, too. It has never bothered me though because I figure it's income they weren't expecting and it goes to good use. At my library it goes into the general book fund.

I love a good junior book, too. I feel like I missed out growing up and I'm making up for those lost years now.