Sunday, February 19, 2006

rant about Momma's job

If anyone cares, I am one of those non-outside-employment types lately. I am a cook by experience and trade I suppose, as is Momma. This gives me extra insight to her own job issues. I know restaurants, to an extent.
She is finally the boss, the head chef finally being demoted to no more than just head chef. When Momma finally got home from work last night (early as shit this morning actually) we were discussing the latest screwup by HC (head chef.)
He called in on a Saturday night, just over a week ago, because of the "threat of snow." There was no snowfall till well after he would have left work, so . . . But that's not as bad as what he pulled the previous week, and I just found out last night. I'm a little pissed off that the owner didn't step in for this which, in my mind, is worse than the call in.
What did HC do that was worse? He got a phone call from his wife because her car was broken down, so he left work at least two hours early, and it's closer to 2-4 hours early, considering that your scheduled time out in a restaurant is generally more ideal than concrete.
Should he not have left work to help his wife? I'd want similar consideration if my car broke down. The problem is that she wasn't stuck anywhere. She wasn't stuck on the highway. She wasn't stuck in a bad part of town. She was stuck at home! AT HOME!!! and HC left early so that she wouldn't be stuck at home.
We have one running car. I'm stuck at home most every day Momma works.
Oh well, I guess now we know why my hot wife is the boss now!

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Ron R said...

Congrats on getting HC position to mamma!