Tuesday, March 28, 2006

word of the day is . . .

Forfend, as in an old lady, back of her hand to her forehead as she slips from the chair in a dead faint at the sight of . . .whatever the hell could offend some genteel old matron.

"Heaven forfend," she says just as her eyes close in the swoon.

Forfend: avert, ward off, forbid or go to dictionary.com for the whole story like I did.

I'm afraid that once again I was reading at the Daily Kos. I usually only check them in my bloglines, but sometimes, as will happen throughout bloggywood, some random topic will actively suck me onto the page. Someone's comment contained the term "heaven forbid" which term I tend to mentally translate to "heaven forfend" because it sounds archaic and silly, like something Bart Simpson would say on any random episode in which he had to wear any sort of period dress.

Maybe I will dredge up more words of the day. It isn't a bad idea and additionaly gives me a topic about which I shouldn't generally be able to fuss/cuss over too much. Having said that, I'm due for a good rant sometime soon. I also don't have to think or link too much, just gibber a little bit in a way that at least I am amused by.

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BridgetJ said...

Lack of brain cells has forfended Dani (www.worstgenerationseed.blogspot.com) from thinking clearly.

What a moron.