Monday, April 03, 2006

crazy weather

Sometime around 8:00 last night, shortly before the sky opened over us, I noticed a weather report. I could have told you it was going to rain, and suddenly it did.

I quickly remembered the car windows and quickly ran to roll them up. The driver's side, into which the rain was ferociously blowing is the hard one. While pushing the button you have to pull the window up. This of course was especially difficult as the window and my fingers were soaked. As I got the windows up the hail started. I waited the hail out in the car then darted inside.

The storms raged on and off all night. The wind was insane, howling around the house, roaring in the tree tops. It was a night to feel small and weak in the face of that tiny taste of what nature can do.

I learned this morning about the tornadoes in the other end of our state. We were under a torndoe watch ourselves for a bit of last night, but I hadn't heard of any touching down at that point. Our largest hail was golf ball size according to my wife. I was retucking The Boy into his bed and heard it, but I wanted him asleep and wasn't willing to get up and check it out. I could hear how bad it was though.

All day today we saw dark clouds hovering, blowing slowly past. The wind was in the tree tops again with it's steady roar. There's something almost hypnotic in watching the trees in the wind. Miyazaki captures that mysteriousness really well in My Neighbor Totoro, especially when Tsatsuki is outside getting firewood and the wind come blasting through and whips the wood pile into the air. I didn't expect this would end with Miyazaki, but it's fitting. Whenever I really notice the wind, I tend to also think of Totoro as the wind is such an interesting facet of the movie.

In addition to the links above, here is the IMDB page about Miyazaki. I wouldn't bother so much, but he deserves every bit of recognition he gets, and all children deserve to watch his movies.

Our weather should be normal and calm by tomorrow. I hope so. I have great plans for mowing grass sometime this week. I'd like for our practice field to be dry for Big Brother's soccer practice tomorrow night.


contemplator said...

We LOVE Totoro!! Especially the little girl (May?). The English version was given to us by some Japanese friends, and it is just wonderful. I think the director also did Mr. Howl's Flying Castle, is that correct? Have you seen it?

Kixque said...

My heathens left the back door of my van open from an errand an hour before the storm hit. My husband found it when he got home at 1AM from work!!!!!!!!!!

It's still drying out, and it's not pleasant smelling.

samuel said...

Miyazaki did do Howl's Flying Castle which is based on a book Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.
I haven't seen the movie yet. We haven't watched many movies we don't already own for quite some time. I got tired of the usual crap at Blockbuster.
I did love the book, and I am a big fan of YA and Juvenile fiction. I need to find more by Jones at the library.

M__ said...

I hear it is supposed to get bad later this week in the midwest again. I have a feeling this is going to be a stormy spring.