Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dear UnRev. Jim

I think the Rev. Jim is an absolute jackass. I will call him names here, because I hear he likes that. He likes it so much that he sees it when it doesn't actually exist. And even when it does exist, name calling and cussing do not inherently invalidate an arguement. Just because his virginally christian eyes and ears are so loathe to see/hear cusswords does not negate truth or value of the words around the cuss words.

I give as an example, my version of a passage from the Declaration of Independence.

You bunch of fuckin' Loyalists can all go straight to hell. We in America have decided that we want no more of your bullshit, that each and every one of us has a godamn right to pursue the life that most suit us and the fucking liberty to make ourselves happy. Fuck you King George. If you try to take our rights we'll more than fuck you up as these aren't rights we've decided you can give or take. If you don't like it you can suck it.

Maybe it isn't as pleasant to read. But it makes the point. I'm glad that the founding fathers were as literate as they were because the documents that we hold dear have a certain zing that I probably couldn't have come up with.

We need however to get back to Rev. Jim. He states his arguement, assure us that it's the absolute right arguement and the only real truth. If anyone argues with him, he ignores them. If anyone refutes his point, he ignores them. If a blogger does either, he ignores them. I'm sure he knows who is linking to him and reads as he has mentioned that he's been called a dick and an ass and a motherfucker. I should also add that he doesn't really ignore them, he just doesn't present a reasonable arguement and doesn't involve himself in any meaningful dialogue. Instead he gets fussy that he had to read unpleasantness, attaches all cusswords used to all homeschoolers ever, assigns us the designation of racist, and finally he, without trying to discuss the issue, assures us all that it is we homeschoolers who won't compete in his arena.

Hey, Jim, add mytical superstitious uptight turd on stick to the list of things you've been called. Also add lying closeminded assmonkey. And as a cherry on top, I will also say that you are a big old meany poopoo head.

Note, Rev. Jim, that only I have called you these names. Note also, Rev. Jim, that this post in no way is of or about homeschooling. I'm not bothering to argue that one with you. I will argue however whether you are or are not the aforementioned poopoo head, but that is all I will discuss with you. As well as not about homeschooling, this post is not representative of any opinions other than my own. I do not speak for homeschoolers or homeschooling, so the old "lump 'em all together" trick won't work here.

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don said...

1. I agree with about Rev. Jim. Including the horrible, nasty cuss words.

2. Your version of the Declaration may not be as eloquent as the founding fathers', but it's a whole lot more entertaining.