Saturday, April 22, 2006

stuff n' things

This will be post number 99 for me. I'm sure that I'll throw a party when I get around to 100, but that's for another time.

Many things suck more, but there is a special sucking involved with knocking your pint glass against your tooth, and it's the same with bottles. I try to stick to glasses though.

Ska Weekend is coming up in now less than a week. We are all kinds of excited. Momma, checking on tickets, got us a really sweet deal. She went to the Ska Weekend message board to ask about kids tickets. Ticket prices are $15 plus 5 cans of food as it is a fundraiser for a local food bank. This is the fourth (I think) year that the show has happened, and it's all thanks to one guy that must seriously bust his ass to put this together. It's big enough, that he obviously has some aid, but it's mostly his deal from what I can tell.

I don't think he had considered young kids when he told Momma that "if you can walk, you need a ticket." I can totally see his point, but I don't think he had reason to even think of our point till Momma brought it up. So he lowered the price for the 10 and under set and assured us of a special ticket price. That's just awesome! We were afraid we'd miss because $60 is a shit ton, and though we missed the very first show, we've attended each one since. This is an amazing day of bands if you like the ska music. And not only do we like the ska, but the fucking Pietasters are playing!

The Cobras, Big Brother's soccer team, played a great game today. It was a little crazy having missed two weeks, one for rain and the next for Easter. Many of them missed some of the practices as well. Then we get that good old deep south steam bath of a day with the sun beating down on the sodden fields.

Depending on the weather, I get mine tomorrow, which is technically now today. I'm going to hurt Monday as I haven't worked out for shit in ages. But I really can't wait to get on the field. It's another interleague game which I only mention to extend this paragraph.

It's late as shit, and The Boy is still up while Big Brother lounges in a tub full of water that is tepid at best. I need to harangue him out or pull the plug while at the same time get The Boy read to and in the bed too.

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