Sunday, May 21, 2006

interesting searches

I'm always waiting for my brilliance as a blogger to be revealed to the masses. I'm not going to bother trying to get there myself either through being brilliant or through doing those little things that Statcounter suggests. What I will do is make up some really dumbass posts that seem interesting. As long as you read it first, I don't care how disappointed you are at losing those minutes of life that this blog sucks away.

So today is the day where I give you insight into the two visitors I got last week that weren't people that I regularly bother.

Random Ramblings of the Beautiful Game Soccer


I might soon have to do a personal review of King Dork, the lovely book I mentioned so recently. I did indeed finish it in a few short days and moved back to the previously begun book. I've picked back up in the build up to the Civil War with Lincoln working toward what we already know to be the presidency.

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kimzyn said...

Although I am not the masses, per se, I do find you brilliant. I guess you have to win them one by one!