Thursday, May 04, 2006

more myspace fun

Now that good old Murdoch owns the Myspace, the ad content is much higher than it used to be. I know from experience not to click on that funny looking game that is actually an ad. But sometimes it's really damn hard not to want to play the game.

For those of you unfamiliar with Myspace, the ads are often set up to look like a game. There have been plenty of variations of things, many of them based on the the old midway duck shooting game. Sometimes, like when you shoot the office mates with a paintball gun, it's hard not to want to play the game. But it isn't a game. It's an ad and a link to hell with the vague chance of winning a free PS3 or a Razr phone.

So what is this game/ad that's so hard not to love? Mike Tyson is beating the crap out of George Bush. King George is depicted as this little pencil arm fellow. If you don't click on the ad, Freaky Mikey just bops him in the head a few times. Well, for once it's not hard to not click. I don't want to stop this game. It's fun to see anyone punching King George in the head.

If only . . .

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