Tuesday, June 13, 2006

couple links

I'm tired of writing about soccer, and I haven't been especially diligent in writing about anything else lately. I'm going to squeeze a post out with some links of things that I've found interesting lately.

I forget how I became aware of this first entrant. I've enjoyed the art at the first link often in my bloglines before exploring further. The first, Process Recess is the artist's blog. From there I had to go to the profile and then to the "My Webpage" link to find out more. While tooling around in there I came across an illustration for a magazine article that really stood out. The picture really stood out. I know nothing of the article. Before you go to the picture, in case I haven't already run off the last of anyone who might have stopped by searching homeschooling, I will tell you that you might think the picture is dirty. It is, but if you don't think you'll be able to get past that, be warned. I'm certain no one reads this that would mind, but little kids lurk over shoulders. Oooooooh, dirty pictures!

This next one is really bad, and I'm really bad for laughing at it. Nothing nice is about to happen to the dog, so again, be warned. But it's funny. It's not Jesus and a bus funny, but what is?

I think I'll end with Famous Fat Dave. If you like to read about taxi driving in the big city and eating lots of food, then you'll love this guy. Seriously, this is one of the highlights of my bloglines. I've seriously got to visit New York one day. The problem there, besides not really having that pile of money sitting around, the whole damn city is full of New Yorkers. But I'm in love with the idea of the 24 hour city, the walking places, the corner bar. We have corner bars here, but you have to drive to them.

Now for the spell check, make the links work, cigarette and a beer. I had to get the wrong cigarettes this time, and didn't think to just get a couple of packs and come back later for the right carton. NOOOO, not me, not the thinking man's redneck. That would have been too easy and would have required some amount of thinking through things. You like it? how I ended with a bit of a rant.? I do too. It's fun. Whee!

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