Saturday, July 15, 2006

watching bears eat sound fun?

I won't go through all the twists and links that led me to the blog that led me to the bears. I will tell you that the bears link came from No Direction Home, a photo blog of a self described High Tech Drifter. I recently learned of this blog and pretty much immediately put it in my Bloglines. The blogger, in addition to hiking some really cool places, takes some really nice pictures. He also has a post about his own recent bear experience which is worth scrolling down to.

The bears in question have not eaten that I've seen, but I just haven't happened to have caught them at it yet. Of course, show me a bear that doesn't eat, and I'll show you a ratty rug. This link opens up a lovely little world, a live webcam at McNeil's River Falls in Alaska. At one point today I may have counted up to ten bears, but the camera changes angle and focus at times, and it did while I was counting.

So gather the kids round and look at the bears. It's cool, and it's fun, and it's edumacational somehow.

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Kixque said...

Awesome! We just counted no less than 20. And, we saw MANY bears catch fish, as well as two bears in a short confrontation. We could hear their "roar" clearly.

This was especially exciting for us as we just encountered a Grizzly while exiting the Grand Teton Nat'l Park heading toward Yellowstone.

Damn it, now I'll have to blog our encounter with pictures.