Thursday, September 07, 2006

all right dadgummit

Blogger really needs to finish messing with itself. For some unfathomable reason, because I've moved to the beta version, I can no longer post comments at the blogs of people who have not switched. This makes absolutely no sense.

So here is my two part bitch.

Part one, to the dumbasses at Blogger, why the fuck can't I post comments to non beta bloggers? How stupid is this? I'd tell you how stupid it is, but I don't know that there's a scale to measure this kind of dumbassery. Fix it already you bunch of nincompoops.

Part two, to most of you people, come on already. Move up to the beta version. Take my word for it, it's kind of not uncool. Maybe some of you like the old one, but you might like the new one. I do, and I'm so cool that everyone should want to be like me, or not, either way.

There is some merit, sad though it may be, that it's my comments that people would like to avoid. If that's so, then perhaps no one will ever again switch to the beta. I'm sure that's not it, but I'm not so sure as to be certain. So where does that leave us?


Frankie said...

Okay, I'm on the old version and the first clue I got there was a new version was I couldn't post comments on blogs that had updated!

So I'm too damned lazy to go find info on the new beta version...walk me through it and I'll switch.

Ha, ha...that's what you get for bitchin' -- being asked for directions.

samuel said...

You don't want my help! I took about a week to do it due to password issues. I'm not even sure it'll let me comment on my own blog.
Here's hoping!

Morgan said...

I didn't even know I wasn't on the beta version. I just created my blog a month ago or so, so I figured I on the updated one. Oh well I guess its fixed now.