Tuesday, September 05, 2006

and lying and lying and lying again

This is yet another rant targeted at the boobs at World Net Daily who are yet again lying their soiled asses off. I'm going to toss a few links out and be done. I don't want to get too one track here. The lying asshats would have us believe that California schools will soon be turning kids gay because, according to the liars, the schools will be promoting the gay lifestyle and indoctrinating kids into homosexuality. However, if one simply uses Google to look at the text of these various bills they will learn that this is not the case. To put it simply, the bills are anti discrimination bills saying that, regardless of what you believe, California schools will not use materials that cast people in various groups in a disrespectful light. These liars are still able to discriminate and mislead their children, but the taxpayer funded schools won't any longer be able to.

Link to the liars here.
Link to some bills here SB1437
and here AB 606
pdf here AB 1056

Why won't these fools just stop lying to us? Why do the like/simpleminded fools that believe their shit not just use Google? How sad is such blind trust married to such blind hatred?

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