Sunday, September 17, 2006

updating the soccer post

Anyone who read last week's soccer post will likely remember my hip concern. I left the game last Sunday when I made a move that caused my hip to feel as if the joint of thigh and hip was grinding. It hurt and caused concern for the Monday pain buffet. That however didn't happen. Monday came and went and I felt fine.

Well this week is the painstravaganza that I know so well.

Upon waking this morning, my first bad sign was my right shoulder. It even hurts to pick up my coffee cup. Next is the right knee, actually a little below the knee. I'm pretty sure that was a direct kick. Finally comes the left calf, a little low on the calf is a small knot that is likely another direct kick. The odd pain today is in my right wrist. It is likely from falling onto it, and it's very minor, but it is there.

As far as I know, that is the complete menu. There is always a chance that I'll find something else. The calf is a perfect example of certain types of injuries in that I didn't find it till I was putting socks on. There are those injuries that hurt with use of the affected area, and then are those that you notice by accident, and these are usually the small places, generally where someone hit or kicked me.

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