Friday, January 19, 2007


Maybe some people don't know, but the US Women's National Team has a couple of games coming up. You might have heard about the Four Nation's Tournament, you know, being a sports broadcasting network and all.

Anyway, the women just recently landed in China so they can start training, get used to China, deal with jet lag, gawk. Germany and England will also be there. The whole thing is basically leading up to the FIFA Women's World Cup later this year. So with you guys being a sports broadcasting network, I just thought you might like to know that you aren't showing the games, at all.

Okay, concession time here. The games are being played at four in China which means for us three in the morning, and it's really doubtful that you could stop showing the poker superstars invitational. I know that since poker is now a sport instead of just being a card game that you are duty bound to show it. However, I'd wager that you might get a few people that would be willing to watch the game anyway. I've heard of devices that can record things from the television. I wouldn't be surprised if people would watch a rebroadcast later in the day. Again, I have to remind myself that the poker players also need plenty of television time, because as we all know it is NOT just a card game but a real sport, like soccer.

I know that many people like soccer. I do and would love to watch some of these games and certainly all of those the US team play, and I would even watch them the next day fully aware of who had won, and I'd even watch it if I'd already seen clips already. I would watch them in a box, with a fox even.

The US men's games were not the best games in the World Cup last summer, to put it mildly. Some of us would now like to see the women play because we're pretty sure that they'll do well. They'll certainly average better than one goal in 270 minutes of play.

I know this is a lot to ask since you only have three different channels that you can show sports on. There's a lot of mediocre boxing from the late '90's that has to be watched, plus the growing rise in popularity of bowling, so the classic one is used up. And we know that 2 will probably decide to show a bunch of heavy northern European men racing to have a hernia first. Soccer on the main ESPN is such a rarity that we really hate to ask too much of you. So anyway, whatever you can do.

Thanks for your time ESPN. I know that airing a game played by the National Team should be something you could show. The US always seems to field one of the top women's teams in the world, and they always play a great game. There are lots of new players on the team that many of us haven't had a chance to see play yet. I was sort of hoping you might could squeeze it in somewhere.


p.s. I'll call you later about the Women's World Cup. It's also in China, so that whole time thing might fuck us up then too, but it is kind of big, so let's work something out.

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