Monday, January 08, 2007

going nowhere

Today was going to be the day. Fresh back from Atlanta, my Christmas celebrations all over for another year, I was going to get all kinds of resolute and do some serious making myself a better and more productive person.

I didn't touch my Bloglines the whole time we were out of town. I did check my email a couple of times and even checked Myspace a couple of times. Today has so far been clicking through all the feeds, catching up on my internet homies, feeding the boys and now posting to ye ol' blog.

I'm going to pretend I have something to write for a few minutes while bumping around the back of my head are thoughts of the tasks I need to complete for the day. These include finishing washing and folding and putting away some laundry, emptying and refilling the dishwasher and most important of all, having supper cooked in time for Momma to rush in from work and eat just in time for us to rush a little south for derby practice.

The dishes and supper part will definitely happen as the whole day will suck if we don't have supper in us in time. Momma doesn't always get a chance to eat well at work, and she really needs some fuel in her belly before hustling round the rink, so not finishing that task isn't an option. Besides, I'm making a stir fry, and if there's any easier cooking than that then I haven't found it. Meals in a box don't count as I don't consider meals geared toward expediency over quality to be real cooking. I'm not against expediency, and there are certainly times for that, but Momma and the whole fuel thing are more important than speed of preparation.

I have some sort of post about the family rumbling around with those other thoughts, but it's all about angles, and I don't know that I've found one I like. The best angle would be one that makes for interesting reading while giving me a view that helps me think through whatever it is I'm thinking through. For all the ways we are different, I really love my family. And though most of them will likely never read what I write here, they still deserve some modicum of respect.

The boys are eating lunch and watching cartoons. I need to get them to do some cleaning, but that isn't a fight I really feel like having right now. They hate cleaning as much as anyone, and no amount of threating to put their toys up for a while seems to work, though if I actually start the cleaning, they tend to realize that I really will take toys away and will start, with moaning and bitching, to do the work themselves. Again, though, it's not a fight I'm really into today.

So that may or may not be my day. We are getting something a lot like snow falling from the sky, but it's melting on the ground and just making for wet misery. I'm fine with it melting because I hate snow. It may be fun for some, but for me it's just cold, wet hell that happens to be pretty in a sense.

I finally feel that I've rambled enough for now. There will likely be some other mindless commentary later in the day, but for now I'm going to check my newest feeds, read about some homeschoolers and wander around the house looking at the chores I'm not doing. The kitchen stuff will get put off till 4:00 when NPR can keep me company while I hack my way through a pile of vegetables and pork, steam some rice and dump soy sauce over it all in the hopes that what is mostly healthy will be slightly tasty. So until then . . .

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